Monthly Archives: September 2009

In Tressel I Trust

Here in Columbus there has been a crazy amount of backlash against Jim Tressel after the loss to USC, which happened to be the 5th in a row against a top 5 opponent for The Ohio State University.

Before everyone starts jumping the gun and turning on the greatest coach OSU has ever had… let’s take a quick look at his accomplishments. He owns Michigan, which is far and away the most important game for OSU. In 8 years, he’s 7-1 and has played in 3 national championship games. Who could OSU possibly get that would do a better job? I was talking to Smalls last week and he mentioned that if he were Tressel, his quote would be… “I can get Coach Cooper back on phone with one call… is that what you want?”

People have been spoiled with success and have unreasonable expectations. After winning 4 Big 10 championships in a row, people expect more, which is crazy. Tressel graduates players, the team plays hard, recruits well, and is without question, the best coach for the job.

Go Bucks, beat Toledo…