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Pryor… Really?

OSU just lost to Purdue… I’ve already received numerous text about how Tressel should give up playcalling and whatnot…  That wasn’t my problem with the coaching. My problem was leaving Pryor in the game. At one point, he had fumbled 3 times (2 lost) and thrown 2 interceptions… that’s 4 turnovers by one player… and yet Tressel kept putting him back on the field. I said at halftime that Bauserman should start the first series of the second half, then turn it back over to Pryor…

There’s no question that he has ability, but how long can Ohio State keep waiting for that ability to come to fruition?… there are a lot of players at Ohio State who have tremendous ability… Duron Carter is going to be a superstar, but it wouldn’t  be appropriate for Ohio State to thrust him into the #1 receiver role… the same thing should happen with Pryor… Bauserman should get an opportunity… if he excels, then Pryor should sit back and develop during practice rather than losing to one of the worst teams in the Big 10.

Metrodome… I Love You

What a stretch!!! In the last 5 days the Twins have swept the Royals to tie the Tigers for the biggest comeback ever with 4 games left, the Vikings beat the Packers and the Twins won a 1 game playoff…. AMAZING. I wish I were there. Some of the best moments of my life! And I love the ice cream with the wood spoons!

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