Tobey Turns 7

Today is Tobey’s 7th birthday. He is the greatest companion and friend I have ever known.

Some random Tobey facts:

  • Until last year, he didn’t know what an Ohio State loss to Michigan felt like (he was depressed).  He is 5-1.
  • This year, he’s run over 350 miles with me.
  • I once bought a toy at PetPeople that was supposedly tested with Lions for durability…. within 9 minutes the toy was destroyed.
  • Another story was when I bought a toy made out of recycled fire hose (known for the toughness and durability)… Tobey and Lillian had that destroyed within 15 minutes.
  • Tobey has chased packs of deer on at least 3 different occasions…. he’s 0-3 in catching them.
  • Without Tobey, I never would have met my finance’ (she has a weimaraner and we met at the dog park.

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