Auto Repair and Mark

Recently, my stellar 2001 Camry started acting up. Not in a major way, but just enough to drive me crazy. The first signs of trouble were random bulbs burning out. Of course, the bulbs had to be ones that the average person can’t change and included the speedometer lights and the lights behind the center console.

The second issue the Camry started with was the blower would only work at maximum speed. This meant that I was either going to be extremely hot or extremely cold depending on the weather. Ironically, I had this exact problem with my previous Camry and thanks to a great friend in Dayton (Whetstone), we were able to diagnose the problem as a faulty blower resistor.

After researching the issues and finally figuring out the name of the part I would need, I submitted a parts request to Tansky Toyota in Columbus. After waiting 24 hours and never receiving an email or a call, I phoned my local NAPA Auto Store and asked them if they carried the part. After receiving confirmation, I removed the old blower resistor (to make sure I was getting the same part) and headed there the next day.

The people at the Columbus NAPA are always super helpful. I brought in the part and they had two models in stock. They brought them both out and made sure I had the right part. From there, it was simply installing the new part.

IMG_20121203_090612New Part on the left, old on the right

With a little help from the internet, the whole process was a breeze. I’m not sure what the point of this post was other than to offer someone encouragement if they’re trying their own minor car repairs…. now if I could just figure out those lights.

Youtube video that helped

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