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Why Columbus is Awesome – The Watershed Distillery

I’ve been lucky enough to call Columbus, Ohio home since I arrived at The Ohio State University in 1997. From the time I arrived, I loved living in a mid-size city. It has most of the benefits of large cities (Broadway plays, top-tier entertainment and concerts, professional sports teams (if you count a team that has never won a playoff game…. yay Bluejackets)) without the drawbacks that plague larger cities such as traffic and crime. Some of my favorite things about Columbus include the Olentangy Trail for running, the Alum Creek Dog Park and the amazing restaurants.

Recently, I’ve stumbled upon another thing I’m a big fan of. The Watershed Distillery, located in the wonderful Grandview Heights. Founded in 2010 by two people my age, the Watershed Distillery distills four unique spirits: Vodka, Bourbon, Bourbon Barrel Gin and Four Peel Gin. I took a tour in late 2012 (Thanks Matty G.!) and came away impressed with the operation. The co-founder (Dave Rigo) gave the tour and was personable and insightful. If you are in the Columbus area, tours run $10 (including samples) and can be booked directly on their website Next time you’re in the market for some solid spirits, support a small local business or the next time you’re looking for a unique experience, I recommend scheduling a tour.

IMG_20121219_165934If you know of other hidden gems in the Columbus area, feel free to drop a note in the comments section.

Grandpa & Snow Shoveling

Growing up, I was always amazed when my Grandpa would shovel his neighbors driveways and sidewalks in the cold Minnesota winters… Since he was my hero, I thought it would be nice to do two of my neighbors while they were at work. Not looking for credit, mostly wanted to post a picture of me and gramps.

Mark & Grandpa2

Amazing Sunset and the Need for a Watch-Camera

As I was on my run tonight with my weimaraner Tobey, I literally had to stop on the way back to admire the sunset. It was an incredible shade of red, unlike any sunset I’ve ever seen in Powell or Ohio. It looked like there was a huge fire in the distance illuminating the sky. I wish I had my camera to take a picture… unfortunately, like most runners, I don’t carry one with me when I run. Instead, I use a small mp3 player and wear a GPS watch… This got me thinking…. with how small cameras have become, why don’t they make a watch with picture taking capabilities…. Garmin, Motorola, Nike… I’m calling you out and giving you my idea for free…. Someone needs to make this happen. Anyway, below is a picture of the sunset taken from a moving car about 10 minutes too late.


If you know of a watch-camera or have any other crazy ideas, please feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Hitting a New Weimaraner Low

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I like my pups as much or more than most people…. As such, over the weekend, Lillian the Blue turned 4 years old (one more year and she can run for dog president). Somehow, my finance’ and I thought it would be a good idea to have a faux birthday party for her complete with homemade treats and party hats. As you can see below, the pups were not amused.

IMG_20130113_171559The birthday girl

IMG_20130113_172042The hats didn’t go over well

IMG_20130113_171917Tobey being miserable

IMG_20130113_171445Homemade Treats

IMG_20130113_171626Complete with Candle

IMG_20130113_172131Weims enjoying their birthday treats

If you’ve done crazy stuff for your pet, feel free to drop a note in the comments section.

Tobey in the Snow

Central Ohio had a decent amount of snow over Christmas. I took Tobey to a local field nearby and let him run around for 20-30 mins. Below are a few pictures.


Tobey was overly excited to be out in the open.


Exploring & Semi-Pointing


More Exploring