One of the coolest days of my life was when I got my cat Dewey (nicknamed ‘The Duece’).  This was when I lived in Dayton back in the day…. Dewey was this amazing cat. He was named after Dewey from Malcom in the Middle. He was this awesome gray color and got the name after he first saw himself in the mirror and kept attaching himself. I remember getting him from Petsmart. The day I found him, I didn’t have enough cash (they wouldn’t take credit card for adoptions) so I had to borrow money from my buddy Whetstone. I still owe him to this day…..


As he grew older, he decided he loved to eat (who wouldn’t decide this if they could). This led to him getting really really fat. At his peak, he topped out at 20+ pounds. It got to the point where I would put his food on one of the shelves where Ladybird (my tabby cat) could jump up and eat, but Dewey was too fat to jump that high…. regardless, he was still very healthy and awesome.

Dewey Jealous

Eventually, I was lucky enough to adopt Tobey the Weimaraner. The hope was that since Dewey outweighed him, that Dewey would establish dominance… That never came true and Dewey was miserable with a dog in the house. He was rarely seen and was incredibly stressed out. It got to the point where the humane thing to do was to rehome the Deuce. It wasn’t an easy decision and it’s something I’m still not completely happy about, but it’s something I have to live with… I miss Dewey a tremendous amount but I hope and pray he’s happy in his new home.

Anyway, this post started because I was thinking of the day I brought him home. I’ll never forget… I was in my front room in my Dayton house and it was amazing. The room was this crazy brown/gold color during the sunset that only happens a few days each year. It was one of those days where time goes slow like we wish it would. I remember sitting on the couch and watching this  amazing kitten. It’s strange the days we choose to remember. I’ll always remember Dewey playing on the carpet and wondering what the future holds. I hope I did the right thing by putting him in a dog-free home….


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  1. This sounds like a cool memory. Thanks for sharing.

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