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  1. Thank you very much for the post. This has happened to me as well and I have Everhome mortgage as well. The name of the company that made the unauthorized charge was ‘World Entertainment”. ($29.95)

  2. There’s no “probably” about it. Every since one of the mortgage companies listed uses the exact same payment processor, Lender Processing Services. It’s sad that none of these mortgage companies have been able to do as much investigation as I have in the comments section of this blog. LPS needs to issue a statement and provide all of their pseudo-customers identity fraud protection going forward.

  3. Upset with Everhome!

    Mine fraud was through Everhome also. I had my suspicions, since the name on my mortgage is my maiden name since I bought my house before I got married. Then Saturday, someone called claiming to be from Everhome and asked for my daughter, who is 15. When my husband asked for a name, they hung up. When I called Everhome Monday, they said they are aware of the fraud, and will be contacting those affected. When? Since the fraud happened 3 weeks ago. She also told me they did have CSR’s calling , and I asked “Would he have called for my underage daughter, said that “I be from Everhome Mortgage” and refused to give his name? Hmmm..something more is afoot..

  4. I am late to the ballgame because I just looked at my bank statement, but on March 12, I too, was HIT with $29.95 “check” for Global Web. Called the bank first; called the number on the e-check next and Ariel gave me the date and time (we are at work during that time) it occurred; said it would be cancelled and gave me a confirmation number for the cancellation. Don’t know who else to call at this point because I don’t have any info yet on where it originated from, but because several of you are commenting on mortgage companies, I am about to email mine to see if they are aware, and if they are, why have they not contacted me?? I will again start checking my bank accounts on a daily basis. I am to the point of putting money on a prepaid debit card for online bill paying and burying the rest of my cash in the yard!

  5. Well, here I am reading this blog after googling my incident. An unauthorized $29.95 charge on my Suntrust Bank statement, made on 4/2/13 to “Global One” (not “Global Web” as stated above). I guess they’ve changed their name? I contacted the 800# listed on the draft, and miraculously (and suspiciously) got a live human being on the line on a Sunday night at 10 p.m. She took the call almost as if she expected to hear what I was telling her. I asked if this was Global One, and she said “No, we are a 3rd party biller”. I asked what the company was called, and she said “Billing Solutions”. She offered me the IP address where the charge originated from, as well as the date & time of the transaction, and the fraudulent email address (which consisted of part of my full name with an @yahoo.com). I will offer this to the police and the internet fraud departments that I plan to contact tomorrow. There’s a list of agencies here: http://www.wikihow.com/Report-Fraud — Anyway, they assured me that they’ve marked this transaction as fraudulent and that I would be refunded within 2 weeks. In my opinion, within 2 minutes is too long. This is infuriating. I am shocked and disgusted that it is so easy for just about anyone to pay for something using my routing & acct. # and name. How about having to give my SS# or DOB? I ultimately blame my bank, who should as a rule contact me to verify the draft, either by phone or by email. Or at least send an email confirmation that this was done, so that I can find out sooner than when my paper statement arrives 2-3 weeks after the fact. So now tomorrow, in addition to whatever tasks I had to accomplish in my already busy life, I must sit on the phone reporting this, as well as change my account # with a bank that I’ve been doing business with for years, and the major inconvenience of ordering new checks & deposit slips, changing the number associated with all of my online payees, etc. etc. Ugh!! Just wanted to document that this is still going on, and now with SUNTRUST BANK. Also of note, I have an account with ING aka Capital One 360 and this account is linked to them, but I checked my acct. with Cap. One 360 and no suspicious activity has taken place on their end. Very upsetting!!

  6. p.s. I forgot to add that this charge was apparently for an “adult website” though they could not tell me which website.

  7. The only refund I have ever received for the 29.95 charge is from my bank, not the “Global One” directly … so yes, you must get your bank involved, and change your account number too. I also got a call back from Agent Horton (see Mark’s original thread to this fraud), and she acknowledged adding me to her list of victims.

  8. I just saw the “Global Web” draft of $29.95 on my checking account (TD Bank). I called the number on the check and spoke briefly with someone that said they were in New Zealand – no accent. I asked him what company he worked for and he said Billing Solutions. He asked me 3 times for the memo code and account number on the check. I think the number on the check is part of the fraud and they use the numbers on the check to verify that either they have a live account, or that the victim is privy to the fraud.

  9. I have also been charged $29.95 for an adult entertainment website. The charge took place 3/20 and I have been unable to get a refund I’ve talked to 5-6 people all with the same story “their refunds department is experiencing technical difficulty”. My draft was drawn through Sovereign Bank. Unbelievable. I don’t know how these thieves sleep at night.

  10. I have Everhome Mortgage and pay my monthly payment though ACH withdrawal on my checking account. It’s Saturday, just noticed the bogus $29.95 charge on March 20th today when I looked at my statement. Will be calling Everhome on Monday and already notified my bank and getting a new account number…Everhome should be contacting their customers about this..this is lame if they do not, it’s already June 1st!

  11. I received the $29.95 electronic check charge on my account on 7/2/13. Called the number 866-326-3569 on the check that was listed as ASYSGLOBAL / GLOBAL WEB on the check. I do have a mortgage with Everhome, which seems like a strange coincidence with many others here.

    They said they were a 3rd party billing company and the charge was for an adult website. They gave the IP and time, but wouldn’t give the name of the merchant. When asked, they said they have no contact information for the merchant. The IP looks up to a comcast.net IP that looks like a dynamic home IP in Hollywood Florida area.

    They said they will refund the money, which when I called the bank to stop payment, sounded strange to the bank as usually billing companies have to get the merchant to make the refund instead of the billing company.

  12. I am seeing these charges to. I don’t have a loan with everhome, but I do with franklin american mortgage company. Notice that the loan processing site https://famchomeloan.loanadministration.com/ is using the exact same processing software as https://carenet.fnfismd.com/everhome/ACCLogin.jsp

    My guess is that they are using the same backend and this company had a breach (and didn’t tell anyone about it).

    Both are serviced by Lender Processing Services, Inc. I called them and they basically said they couldn’t help me. You would think someone in their operations team would want to know this is happening.

    This is a company that has been charged with fraud before, http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/2013/February/13-crm-206.html

    They could be involved with the scam. Or at least dishonest about losing information.

    It’s also possible that someone found a security hole in their archaic loan processing software, and that is how they are getting the information.

  13. I found the fraudulent $29.95 charge on my checking account today. Like most here, it was from a company called Global Web and it had an 866 number on the ACH “form” that popped up when I clicked “View Check” on my bank’s website. I called the number, and like Laurie, got a live human being immediately and she didn’t seem at all concerned about the charge, but was very willing to reverse the charge and cancel the recurring debit authorization. Also, like Laurie, she offered to give me an IP address and a lot more information about the company who was doing the actual charges.

    I’m not sure if it’s cleared up yet or not. My bank says I can file a form and file it with their fraud department (which I’ve done), and I’ve called Everhome to let them know the breach may have started with their loan processing company. They lady on the line at Everhome seemed very concerned and said she would send the information to “management” since they don’t have a fraud department. No fraud department? At a mortgage company?

    I will try to follow up if I run into more trouble and if, God forbid, things don’t get cleared up and I get charged again.

  14. I also got charged $29.95 by Global Web. I also have EverHome Mortgage. I called the 877 listed on the charge, and they said they will reverse the charge. It’s been three months now, no credit yet. Now the phone only plays message saying all refunds are being processed. I contacted my bank, hope they will reverse the charge.

  15. I too had a charge in February, unresolved and again in July! This one was a definite fraudulent activity as my bank had changed names and the check draft was still showing the old bank name. Now that I know both charges were fraudulent my soon to be OLD SOON TO BE DUMPED ENTIRELY bank is taking our affidavit and will have a resolution for us in 60 days! The police department, along with my new bank USAA were and are way more helpful to me with dealing with this. I too had Everhome mortgage, but have no clue where our bank account info was released from.

  16. I also have a charge from Intel Web Trading Inc fo $29.95. I also had an Everhome Mortgage. However, I suspect the fraud may have occured with the Country Financial agent that produced my homeowner’s insurance. Thanks for all the info.

  17. I had an account with Everhome Mortgage but it was recently sold to another Servicing Company. I was debited 29.95 on 12/24. When I called the number on my check image I was told it was for an adult site on 12/23 at 7:04 am. I pay online my mortgage online (using my Bank’s Website” to have proof the check was sent. Has anyone contacted the FBI? Find it odd we all have ties to Everhome Mortgage.

  18. I was charged 12/4 for $29.95 to Web Intel Trading on my Wells Fargo Business account.. I have no ties with Everhome Mortgage.

  19. This scam has started again in Jan 2015. Our bank is Chase and the company is Web System Sales, Inc.

  20. This happened to us and the name was New Web Sales, Inc. We were with Everhome over 5 years ago, but not since then. So annoying…

  21. This just happened to me on an account that I had with my father who has been deceased since 2009. Yes, it was done in his name! And, the signature on the check looked eerily just like his signature. It was New Web Sales, Inc. and processed against my Chase account. I got both the bank’s fraud department and the billing agent who could not give me any information on the line together. And, they promised a refund in 3-15 business days! Magical! This is so sickening and to use a deceased person’s name to do this is going to far.

  22. This has happened to me as well, but through a company called Free Multi Sales, Inc. I bank with BB&T. I called the number on the check. The answer service gave no company name and said the charge was for a website. I don’t have a mortgage through Everhome, but I am in the process of buying a house. The only thing I’ve done recently with my bank account numbers was file my taxes on TurboTax. I called my bank, and they advised that I need to go to my local branch in person to open a new account (I will file the fraud claim then, too).

  23. April 2015- it happened to me this week. A $29.95 charge from ‘Web Real Services’. I bank with Bank of America. No mortgage ties, but I am with Chase too, and I know they were recently breached. When i called this ‘Web Real Services’ they too said they were just the billing processor and that the charge was a 29.95 monthly subscription to an adult site! She was ‘happy’ to cancel the subscription and even gave me a cancellation number. I reported it to my bank’s Fraud dept, they refunded the charge and I opened a new account (what a pain but at least now that process can happen via telephone). I also set up a fraud alert with Experian to monitor my other accounts….

  24. May 2015 — Just happened to me this week. A $29.95 charge from ‘Free Multi Sales Inc’. We had Everhome Mortgage but sold the house in April 2014. I called the 866 number on the check image and they also said they were just the billing processor and that the charge was a 29.95 monthly subscription to an adult site. She said she would cancel the subscription, refund my money and also gave me a cancellation number. I called my bank’s Fraud dept, and we closed everything out immediately.

  25. I’ve been hit twice by them now, and what’s so scary is my bank seems to think they’re a legitimate business. One of the bank employees called the number on the ACH “check” and was told by a live rep that it was for a “description” (I assume she meant “subscription”) and she would do a one-time courtesy refund. She also advised the bank employee (who was acting on my behalf) that she shouldn’t get the bank involved because it might result in my being refunded twice. If that doesn’t raise some red flags, I don’t know what would!

    I don’t have a mortgage through Everhome and my debits came through as “Web Sales Management Inc” and have my husband’s name referenced on the check. There is an 877 number for inquiries.

  26. I just noticed the same charge that Terri mentioned for $29.95 from ‘Free Multi Sales Inc’ hit my Bank of America account on 5/15/2015. I have Everhome Mortgage, as well, and have always used ACH to process my payments. I will be contacting Everhome and Bank of America and will be closing my account.

  27. I just found a fraudulant charge for $29.95 on my 1st National Bank account from a company called Free Multi Sales Inc.
    I called the number on the check posted from my online bank and got someone named Laura, gave her the TR ID# she explained the charge was for a monthly website fee. She also gave me the IP address where the charge originated and the email address the receipt was sent to, which of neither are mine.
    Laura said she is reversing the charges and cancelling the monthly subscription. She then gave me a reverse charge confirmation number and suggested I contact my bank about further help.
    Which I plan to do first thing tomorrow morning.
    The same date the charge was initiated is the same day I paid my auto insurance online and the day after I paid my TD Bank loan.

  28. Two charges for $29.95: one to “New Entertainment” and one to “Top Web Services.” I also have a home loan through Everhome and they are the only company with access to my checking account information. I called Everhome and they said they no nothing about it and there was nothing they could do. Then, the rep had the nerve to try to sell me on a refinance. Trying to work it out with my bank now.

  29. Got the same scam but with a different source. These people are tapped in somewhere getting account numbers paired with names – it’s pretty messed up. None of the details match any of mine in terms of where my account is (mine is Wells Fargo) and any vendor that I have using auto pay. Bottom line is this a big scam based on a security breach somewhere – this isn’t a nickle and dime phishing operation.

  30. I had this happen to me as well. Came from Free Multi Sales Inc. My amount was $31.21. When I called the 866 number on the ACH check, I spoke to a woman who said I authorized this for a monthly Website. I DID NOT AUTHORIZE this!! She said she would refund my account in 3-7 days…We’ll see! Btw this came out of my Credit Union account not a bank. The number I called was 866-311-0883. When I dialed I use the *67 so they wouldn’t get my cell number.

  31. $30.53 fraudulent check to New Web Trading Inc. on my Wells Fargo account. Had “from” (my daughters name, misspelled) at the top of the check. She’s not even on my account. So how the hell did this get past Wells Fargo to begin with?? Called the phone # and got the same 3rd party biller who said they were going to cancel the charge. Too late I already did through Wells Fargo. Scary Stuff

  32. Since there are so many victims of this scam, I very much hope there will be a grass root movement requiring banks to take measures to curb fraudulent electronic checks. As of now those checks are paid off too easily by banks. Also I hope that those US-based companies acting as intermediaries/ agents for those fraudsters will be severely punished.

  33. This happened to me today! Free Multi Sales debited $29.65 out of my Bank of America checking account using my husband’s name with an electronic check. The billing company did give me the IP address and email that was used (the email is close to my husband’s name, but we don’t have a Comcast email account). I have disputed the charge, and guess I will have to close the account. So frustrated and mad!

  34. I guess they have changed their M.O. a little. Mr fraudulent charge was for 29.65 for some web based subscription. I NEVER used electronic checks, or have automatic charges each month, so it was a big red flag for me. Those bastards had me hooked up for 29.65 PER MONTH. I guess some people just let it slide for months at a time before they wise up. I also had to close my account and open a new one along with ordering new checks. Bank of America was great in helping me solve the problem.

  35. Klaire Kramer

    I received an ACH today for $31.63 from New Trade & Sales Inc. We own several rental properties and have mortgages with many different banks BUT Everhome is the only mortgage where my name appears before my husband’s name. This was charged to me. Contacted the number on the check 866-377-8072 and was told the charges would be reversed in 3-7 days. I will call my bank as soon as they open this morning.

    • Bank will likely tell you to close the old account and open a new one, it’s the obvious solution but I doubt it will work for long: crooks will soon know your new account number. I have seen a posting either here or at the other site where somebody said his SAVINGS account got debited although he never paid any bills electronically or wrote any checks on that account. What we need is for banks to beef up their security measures before honoring those fraudulent echecks. At the moment banks don’t seem to have any, just read the postings by various victims.

  36. My bank posted a 29.95 charge that looked really strange to me. I called the number that was listed on the transaction and it was posted to a company called Web Sales Management Inc. for a monthly subscription “internet” related service. Alliance Network was the”check verification” company who gave the money to Web Sales Mgt. They have lot’s of customers who use their service. I called Alliance Network to let them know that they have an “issue” with one of their customers. They wanted to hear nothing about the problem. The only thing they could do was offer a refund. I had the feeling that they do quite a bit or refunds in their business. Alliance wanted to hear nothing about my findings including the blogs and crowd posting on this very similar issue. The fraud expert at my bank didn’t want to hear my story either. They said the best thing for me to do was close my business account, get a new account number and carry on. Too bad I just ordered new checks and I have over 200 pending transactions… Arrrgh. Be on the look out for WEB SALES MANAGMENT, INC. and ALLIANCE NETWORK, Check Verification company. In the end, I blame ALLIANCE for accepting fraudulent clients who are taking our hard earned money!

  37. Here is another site with numerous postings about the scam http://cosmoquest.org/forum/showthread.php?71773-Electronic-check-fraud. It seems the scam started before 2008. It’s amazing the scam has been going on for so long without banks using any security measures to stop it. Instead banks just shift the burden to victims by making them close their old accounts and open new ones with the resulting hassle !!.

  38. New Trade & Sales Inc $31.21 should be Godaddy renewal for online backup

  39. I just saw a $29.65 charge on my bank account. Called my bank. They closed my account and asked me to file a police report because this is a check fraud and it’s a serious crime.

  40. Today I noticed a ‘check’ drawn on an account I don’t use checks for. I clicked view..A check drawn on JP Morgan Chase to New Trade & Sales Inc. in the amount of $29.24. It states: For questions about this transaction Please Call an 888 number. I called the number, supplied them with the transaction number on the check and was told it’s for a monthly subscription! HA! I don’t think so! Knowing the subscription request didn’t come from me, I asked that it be cancelled and disputed the charge. They didn’t seem too surprised; they cancelled it with ease and issued a refund (3-5 days)

    • Did you get your refund ? Same has happened to me yesterday today im bout to go drastic and close my account .

  41. I just found a $29.24 charge on my account at my Credit Union. Called them & they gave me phone# of 1 866-377-8072 for a company called New Trade Sales Inc. Called & lady named Kathy said it was for an adult website & Judy (Last Name) did it. I told her that was interesting as that was Mother & she died 3 1/2 years ago & was never connected to my account. Made me sick. Kathy apologized & said it would be credited in 4-6 business days. Went to my Credit Union & they said if it did not charge back by that time they would credit my account. Get’s better. This raised red flags w/me so I went back 12 months & found another bogus charge from 12/9/2014. This one was for 29.95 & phone# was 1 866-343-3964 & company was called Web Service Systems. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I call, no matter what time of day, I get a recording stating they are sorry but no live operators are available to take my call BUT they are processing all refunds at this time. What? This is certainly another adult website scam & I am mad as hell. I will now have to close this account & open a new one. Credit Union said most companies will never keep the same amount. It will always be $29.95 $29.65 $29.74 etc. This is such crap.I cannot believe financial institutions do not have safeguards in place to protect us from this.

    • mine was a credit union as well for New Web Trading Inc and the 866-804-1873 number was for AARP. and I was also told that electronic checks don’t have any safeguards. also got some crap that they cannot call on checks like this, even though my debit card has been hit before as well!!!!! bunch of crap!!!

      • I was looking at my account today and found a charge for $28.87 for New Web Trading Inc made on Sept 2, 2015. I contacted my bank to report the charge. They told me to contact the number on the check to have them to reverse the charge. They also said, it was probably due to online banking. Funny, because I work for the bank my account was breached.

        One of the online transactions was with EverHome.

        When I called the number on the check, the man said it was for a subscription. I told him I did not subscribe to anything. In fact, I would not write a check to subscribe.to anything.

  42. Can we take any action against these companies which leak our information?

    Currently, I closed that account.

  43. New Web Trading Inc and the 866-804-1873 number is no good. Happened to me and I caught it immediately and I closed my account. I have also used Everhome Mortgage in the past…and wondering if my info had been stolen through one of their 3rd parties…because of the name used.

  44. so today i noticed a check cleared in the amount of $30.53 to New Web Trading Inc., with my name spelled incorrectly of course… I called the 866 number where i was told that the charge would be reveresed and all future charges cancelled. I was advised to call my bank about protecting my account..ha! This is just crazy…the whole thing freaks me out!

  45. I found a charge for $29.65 against my Wells Fargo Bank account from New Web Trading Inc. Now I have to close my bank account which I have had for over 30 years. I called the number on the check and it turned out to be “Alliance”, a check clearing company. They offered to cancel the transaction but I chose to handle that action through my bank, and have the bank log the transaction as fraudulent.

  46. Just noticed a $31.23 charge on my BB&T account this week to New Web Trading Inc. I’ll be calling the number soon. I too had a mortgage with everhome that has since been sold.
    Thanks everyone for the info!

  47. OK. I stumbled on this blog today. This happened to me and I got my overdraft letter from my bank yesterday. It is an account I do not use but have kept open for emergencies so I didn’t notice this had happened. Was debited 10/27. For the $29.95.,also listed a number to call, the company was called Billing Solutions. A third party billing company. With a Miami address and a New Zealand address. Speaking to this last night, they would not give me any info except when it happened and the time. Told me I would get a refund and gave me a refund confirmation number. Well the more I sat on this the madder I got. Called back tonite and they gave me an email address that was used which has my last name in it, and a Bel.net. this is not a email for me. Also said it was from Arizona. And finally gave me a merchants name that debited it. Web Sales Mgt. Inc. When I googled them, I came across this blog. They said it was for a web subscription. I do not have a Everhome mortgage. But bank has been bought out twice over the past few years. I am heading there first thing I the am to let them know about this and hope they take me seriously. I’m a single mom, a nursing student who only works 10 hours a wk and who is living at the poverty level rite now, this is costing me $70 alone is overdraft charges BC I only keep little money in that acct. I do use a credit union as well and so far that one has not been hit but I’m considering changing my acct number with them as well. This is so upsetting. I think I terrified the poor girl on the other end of the line. I also plan on contacting the BBB and anyone else I can think of because this has been going on since 2013.,I saw another blog linked to the phone number as well. Somehow this needs to be shut down. Somehow…..because even tho it is for a small amount, to some, like me at the moment, that is a trip to the grocery store . if anyone has any advice or updates, please post.

  48. I just have found a few random charges to NEW Web Trading Inc that were supposed to be have made by someone not listed on my account. I looked up the company http://www.corporationwiki.com/Florida/Port-Saint-Lucie/2242-SW-Cameo-Blvd-Port-Saint-Lucie-FL-34953-a16845583.aspx
    and its in a house in Florida. I known my information was stolen when applying for a security clearance for govt/military. Anyone else apply for security clearance?

    • Jeromy, interesting you say that. We were hit twice with fraudulent charges and couldn’t trace where our information was stolen. We never had an Ever home mortgage and nothing anyone else mentioned rang a bell. However–my husband has had security clearances done in the past (he works in automated security) so I’m left wondering if that’s the common theme?

  49. I too have just found out that this has happened to me. I had Everhome mortgage for a number of years but my account was sold to Ditech. I had an unauthorized charge of $26.95 to a new web trading inc. I called the number on the check image and they said the charges would be refunded within 3 – 7 business days. I am also talking with my bank (United Bank of Union) to have these charges stopped. I hope for a good outcome

    • An Update…..Since this has happened i have started to watch my account like a hawk! My bank did refund the money to my account immediately AND the company i called DID refund the money to me as well. Contacting the FBI was of no help. They told me and i quote “The amount was not worth investigating. It would cost more to investigate than you would get back.” This is insane. I do hope that if enough people call them about this fraud that they will do something about it but don’t hold your breath…..PS Kudos to my Bank (UBU) for stepping up and doing the right thing. They have my business for life!

  50. I posted on the other page, but will here as well as I notice another possible security breach. I also was charged for $28.87 to New Web Trading Inc. I called the number on the check and the girl (Trish) immediately said I would get my refund 3-7 business days but that if I also requested a refund from my bank account it would be illegal. (I informed her so was taking money that was unauthorized….as if she cares). She worked for “Billing Solutions” (yea right) and could not share any additional information with me (the website that the subscription was to, the email address it was made from, the company that authorized the payment, etc etc). So infuriating. I also have a Capital One credit card as well as recent security clearance check for government employment. Fascinating…..

  51. Just noticed a $31.21 charge on my bank account this week to New Web Trading Inc. I too had a mortgage with Everhome that was sold. Interesting that we are almost 3 years into this scam and it is still thriving…

  52. Same scam – Different name
    Now “Free Web Solutions, Inc” $31.98 dtd 2/18/16 877-246-1321
    Yes, have Everhome Mortgage, bank at Chase, changed acct.
    Same speech from CSR at FWS. Same misspelled “autorized” in signature on check.
    Same frustration.

  53. FRAUD ALERT!!!! Ditto same happened to me. A duffis check was used to take $28.03 from my checking account. Not sure if it’s related but my mortgages are with Bank of America I noticed the check had been drawn on my account (the check number was no close to the check number in my check series. I called the customer support number (866-804-1873) listed on the check…got Billing Solutions. The person I spoke with (Laura) didn’t hesitate to tell me the charge was for a monthly website subscription and the amount would be refunded within 10 days, but that it would be illegal for the Bank to request a 2nd refund. I suspected that Billing Solutions and New Web Trading are related to this scam. Michaelle Smith is listed as the owner of New Web Trading and that it’s an active business. The Customer Support woman at Billing Solutions gave me a confirmation # for the refund. Further, I’m going to the Bank, changing the account, reporting this fraud to the police department as well as Consumer Services Department with the Federal Government and the IRS will definately be interested in the scheme.. I’m also going to refer them to this blog so they can see how long the scheme has been going on. Something about the small amount of money that they’re stealing keeps them out of trouble, but that will end with the Internal Revenue Service investigation.
    These people are the sediment of humanity, and they will go down with the rest of the dirt.

  54. Just a reminder. We need to involve the Federal Government – FBI


  55. If the banks can’t stop it. The Government can.


  56. cookie_monsteer

    Same thing here. Check for $28.41 from “New web trading” with a weird check sequence number. BofA is reversing the charge, called the number on the check and they can’t tell me the name of the merchant, only that it was a charge made on 2/18 at 4am (?!) for some web subscription service. I also had an Everhome mortgage at some point… Amazing this is still happening. I’ll have to change my checking account, what a PIA.

  57. Just noticed this morning charges on my Wells Fargo account from an entili-866-6 Clifton new Jersey. Charged 29.95 three times since September last year. I don’t know what this is. I’m pissed. I’ma young hardworking guy and really don’t wanna spend my time dealing with this. My mother recently had a similar issue with some company and when my mom threatened legal that’s when they refunded her money. I’m contacting my bank today after work and if anyone else has advice what I can do to help shut this operation down let me know. Really pisses me off

  58. I just had a similar experience with Billing Solutions and Crystal Trading, Inc. for a supposed monthly subscription for $26.09. The amount was posted to my checking account using the same check method. I have contacted my bank and the FBI. The Billing Solutions number is 877-247-3014. I spoke with a Laurel who said the company is in New Zealand (this was after I asked for the company’s federal tax ID number and company website — she had neither).

  59. Thanks to Dawn’s comment above, I found this page. This just happened to me too! It was from Crystal Web Trading, 877-247-3014, for $25.89. When my bank gave me the contact info for the unauthorized charge I called the number and it is now disconnected! Then I googled it and found this site. Luckily, my bank is amazing and reversed the charges within 24 hours. However, now I have to go through the dreary process of an account change. Just wanted to add to the conversation in hopes that it will help others. Thanks for putting this WordPress blog together, Mark. It is sad that they (the banks) aren’t really doing anything about it. The general attitude was “oh, it’s only $25 so we will just take your word for it this once and go ahead and reverse it”. They must be losing a lot of money!

    • Rebecca, my conversation with “Billing Solutions” was not civil. I told them I knew both they and Crystal Trading were fraudulent companies. Looks like they acted fast. I sent all information I had to the FBI.

  60. Good job, Dawn! At first, I thought that contacting the FBI may be a bit excessive for only $25 but after two whole days of dealing with banks and payment providers, I am now going to do the same thing! The personal intrusion and subsequent stress of managing this nonsense cannot be quantified.

    • To be honest, so did I. Who knows if they will give it two seconds’ notice. I just felt I had to do something. I spent two hours yesterday notifying automated debit companies. I spent an hour just researching these thieves and trying to make some sense out of it. I agree! I cannot fathom the sorts of low-life who put so little value on people and their time. Thank you for sharing your experience! I wonder how many more there are.

  61. You all to know this is just happen to me.I have been a victim like you all as well. Crystal Web Trading withdrawn $27.14 from my account. I am very upset with my bank. They do not have any satisfactory answer to prevent these kind of fraud except they are putting the amount in dispute. I have been very upset with PNC bank in the past as well. I am going to change PNC to BNY. Also, I am going to alert FBI. Though, they do not act unless the amount is over $10,000. I am not sure what else we all can do.

  62. Mine was from Crystal Simple Solutions Inc for 26.88. I called the number and they reversed the charge, still going to call my bank in the am!

  63. Mine was from Crystal Simple Solutions Inc for 26.88. I called the number and they reversed the charge, still going to call my bank in the am! I, however, have Ocwen for a mortgage servicer.

  64. Here are all the companies that did this to me. The wife never checked our bank accounts. You can only imagine how pissed I was with her and the scams.
    Great Top services- 844-256-4106
    Alter Simple Sales inc 888-872-7557
    Free Web Solutions inc 877-246-1321
    Web Sales Management inc 877-209-7114
    World System 877-213-7808
    G Web Network 866-804-1876
    Alliance 11 Fl inc 866-804-1873
    Free Multi Sales inc 866-311-0883

    All of them scams.

  65. This happened to me on March 1, 2017 from “Simple Web & Amp Sales, Inc.” It was an auto drafted electronic check for $26.09 with a 7 digit check number.

  66. This just happened to me on 4/26/2017. A fraudulent check for $30.53 paid to Global Web Place Inc. There was no telephone number listed on the check but BOA did reverse the charge and submitted the claim. I’m going to close my account that I’ve had for so many years. That’s the only thing to give me some peace of mind.

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