Fireplace Renovation (in Technicolor)!

My fiance’ and I recently decided that we didn’t like our fireplace…. so we did what all young homeowners do…. we decided to disassemble it in hopes of an easy fix of simply swapping out the old mantel for a new one. Like most of my home improvement projects, it went pair shaped almost immediately. However, in the end (with the help of my future father-in-law), we came away with a fireplace that we’re really proud of. 

This first picture was the original fireplace. As you can see, it was completely bland with a strange type of wood (complete with water stains) that didn’t add anything to the room. The wood was really splintery and the tile was as neutral as could be.



This next picture was taken after the removal. As you can see, the drywall decided not to cooperate and we were left with huge holes. We were able to re-drywall and my finance’ did most of the sanding.



The last set of pictures are the final solution. A new mantel, new tile and grout, and a new coat of paint on the wood, ceiling and walls. Overall, I’m more amazed by the transformation every time I see it. We went from a room we were embarrassed about to a room we are proud of.







There is still a little bit of work to be done, including changing out the outlets and outlet covers to white and some minor painting left to be done, but we’re definitely better off than we were!

If you’ve done any home projects you’re proud of or want to offer feedback on the fireplace, please feel free to drop a comment below.

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