Cutting the Cord – Life Without Cable – Post Wedding Edition

One of the ongoing posts on this blog is how I’m coping without cable television and what I’m doing to pass the time. At this point, I’m now over 12 months without cable. This is a direct savings of at least $720 (minimal savings of $60 per month). I also have no added costs because I subscribed to Netflix and while I had cable.

Here is the list of what’s been keeping me busy.

Even though my favorite team is on pace for their third 90+ loss season, I still love watching baseball. Lately I haven’t been watching as much as I’d like because the Minnesota Twins have been on the west coast, which means 10pm start times. That’s too late for me. I hope to pick back up this week now that they’re back in the central time zone

Orange is the New Black

Netflix has knocked their original programming out of the park. The next three entries are all Netflix exclusives. Orange is the New Black is based on the book by Piper Kerman titled ‘Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison.’

I’m continually amazed by the high production value to the Netflix series. This felt like it could have been on HBO or Showtime without missing a beat (As it should because it was produced by Jenji Kohan who was a part of Weeds on Showtime).

My wife and I completed the entire series in 6 days after we returned from our Honeymoon. Netflix has already picked up a second season so this is definitely worth checking out.


Arrested Development

Arrested Development remains the greatest television show ever. There was no way that season 4 could live up to the lofty expectations so I was glad to see the show take a different approach. While the new episodes weren’t nearly as good as the originals, they are still funny, well written and worth watching. So far, my favorite episode is episode 5 that focuses on Tobias (titled: A New Start). This makes the list for a second time due to the rewatchability of the episodes.


House of Cards

I got hooked on House of Cards a new months ago. This was my first exposure to a Netflix original series. The series focuses on House of Representative Frank Underwood and the shady dealings of Washington DC. Kevin Spacey knocks it out of the park and Kate Mara was fantastic.


Other Shows I’m Watching

Breaking Bad – Just watch it, it’s awesome. You won’t be disappointed.

Quantum Leap – Still Awesome

Scrubs – I would like to propose that we strike the last season from the record like it never happened (The Jar Jar Binks treatment). Other than that, I could watch scrubs all day long.

Futurama – I’m so sad that this got canceled again because it’s such a great show. Hopefully it’ll come back again in a few years.

If you are thinking of ditching cable or have any television show recommendations, drop a note in the comments.

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