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Rating the Announcers

In various past posts, I haven’t been shy in voicing my opinion that Minnesota Twins announcers Burt Blyleven and Dick (Richard) Bremer are unlistenable (they’re so bad that I just invented a word to describe them). Because of this, I find myself listening to the away team broadcasters the vast majority of the time when I watch Twins games. ¬†Occasionally, if I watch on the laptop or listen in the car, I can get the Twins Treasure Island Baseball Network Radio Feed with Dan Gladden and Cory Provus. This is the best case scenario because Dan and Cory do an amazing job and are a delight to listen to. In an ideal world, Cory and Dan would replace the tv announcers full time.


I met Dan Gladden in 2006 at an Indians Game….
really really nice guy

Anyway, since I’ve been watching a lot of different broadcast teams, I started taking some notes on which crews I thought did well. These are ranked in no apparent order (although it’s probably the order in which the Twins played the opposing teams).

1. Orioles – The Orioles were one of the first games when I started listening to the non-Twins feed. Let me say, what an amazing crew to start with. I couldn’t have been more impressed with Gary Thorne and the other person in the booth (I didn’t get the name but I think it was Mike Bordick). They were incredibly insightful and entertaining and really kept the game moving along at a good pace. After a month of road feeds… the Orioles have been the the best of the bunch (Vin Scully excluded). – Grade – A+

2. Brewers – First impression – Average announcers. When they played the Twins, the Brewers were not a good team but the announcers still had optimism. I thought there was a little too much banter with the Brewers Live crew (the studio portion of the crew) that seemed forced. I could see where this would get annoying because I was slightly bored with it after two games. In the end, I thought the two play-by-play announcers did a good job and kept the game moving along. – Grade – B-

3. Seattle – Nothing flashy. They had nothing but nice things to say about the Twins and Minnesota but became boring as the game went on. I’d like to see more personality. –¬†Grade – C+

4. Kansas City – Nothing special and it seems they didn’t do their homework on the Twins saying ‘Parmalee has always been a great hitter’….. Very very bland. They brought in Jeff Montgomery and offered really good analysis. I’d like to see more of that. However, the main play-by-play guys are not good. I think it’s Rex Hudler who is especially bad. Grade – C

5. Philadelphia – By far the worst broadcast I’ve heard. They made a complaint that Joe Mauer only had 18 RBI’s, which is horrible logic because the hitters in front of him have the lowest batting ¬†average and OBP of any team in the league so there are literally no runners on base for Mauer to drive in. They also said that an error by the SS Escobar would have been a sure double play despite the fact there were two outs…. then said he makes that play 10 out 10 times… despite the fact that he just booted it. Sarge is brutal. They were so bad I actually turned back to Fox Sports North. Grade – F

6. Chicago White Sox – Hawk Harrelson can be a lot to handle, but really I like that he’s all in for his team and has an actual personality. When I watch, it feels like I’m watching the game with another fan or a friend. After watching a bunch of different announcers, it’s amazing how many are completely boring so it’s nice to have personality. Grade – A

7. Los Angeles Dodgers – I still have trouble believing how awesome Vin Scully is. LA had a day game today and I was able to listen to the first 3 innings (Vin does both TV and Radio for the first 3 innings, then switches to TV only). Grade – A+

If you want to weigh in on your favorite team’s announcer or want to tell me how stupid I am for my opinion, please feel free to drop a note in the comments

OSU vs. Buffalo Prediction

This Saturday marks opening day for College Football! Arguably one of the greatest days of the year. As an ongoing series, I’m going to put a mythical $100 on the Buckeyes all year and see where I would land if gambling were legal.

The Buckeyes week 1 Opponent is the University of Buffalo or Buffalo University or Buffalo College?…. I’m not sure if Buffalo is division 1 or 2. I don’t know their mascot. I don’t even know what colors they wear. That doesn’t bode well for their chances against an Ohio State team with huge expectations. The Las Vegas line has OSU favored by either 35 or 36 and has the over/under at 55.5 (all lines come from this app). This seems like a trap bet because OSU should score more than 55.5 by themselves. I also think the defense will step up so…. with that said… my official bets would be:

Over/Under – $100 on the Over

Line – $100 on OSU to cover

If you have any thoughts on the game or on the bets, feel free to drop a note in the comments.

A Subtle Message From My Mom

We received this in the mail the other day from my mom…. It’s hard to tell if she is trying to tell us something about our love for our weimaraners (Tobey and Lillian)….



If you have any funny passive aggressive books you want to mail or any comments about ‘What Wendell Wants’, feel free to drop a note in the comments

Quick Post on My Grandpa

Today is the anniversary of my grandfather passing in 2008 so I want to do a quick post with some pictures in his remembrance. Growing up, my grandpa was always one of the nicest and hardest working people I knew. I remember how he would mow and snow plow his neighbors lawns and drives or how he was always doing something special for my brother and I whenever we would visit. I can’t count the number of trips we took to what we called ‘The Train Park’ in Brooklyn Center. Or the trips to Shinders to pick up baseball cards. He was an amazing example of how to properly live your life by being nice to everyone and setting a positive example. I miss having him here. Anyway, I thought today would be a good opportunity to share a few pictures.

One of my favorite things about being married is that I get to wear my grandfathers wedding ring every day (pictured below).


This was taken during one of my trips to Minnesota. He never liked having his picture taken so it was rare to get a great smile.

Mark & Grandpa2

The last picture is from his wedding to my Grandma. I love everything about this picture.

Grandma & Grandpa Knutson

2013 CHA Dog Jog

Tobey and I participated in the 23rd annual, 2013 CHA Dog Jog today at Genoa Park in downtown Columbus, OH. The weather was absolutely perfect and we finished the 5k in 23 minutes and 23 seconds. This put us on a 7:45 average mile. The big news is that Tobey finished third and received a gift basket full of treats at the finish! This is the 5th time we’ve run in this race (I was injured one year so I couldn’t participate). The first time was the day after my grandfather’s passing in 2008 so this race has always been special for me. This years time was our 3rd best (13 seconds behind last years time of 23:10).

The last few years I’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot of fundraising for the event and have raised over $3200 in total. I wasn’t able to do that this year due to the wedding and honeymoon and whatnot, but it still felt great to help a great cause in Citizens for Humane Action (a local shelter in Columbus). We’re already looking forward to the 2014 race!




If you have any thoughts on the dog jog, feel free to drop a note in the comments