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Wedding Pictures!

As I’ve previously mentioned, my wife and I were recently married. I’d like to share some of the pictures and offer a quick note on them. Our photographer (Britt Lakin) did a wonderful job and we couldn’t be happier.

Sarah&Mark Wedding WEB-71

The first picture is of me right after I got dressed for the wedding. I went with a suit from Banana Republic and a tie from Express for Men rather than renting a tuxedo.

Sarah&Mark Wedding WEB-130

We decided to do what’s called a ‘First Look’ before the wedding. The thought behind it is that we would get to spend more time with our guests after the ceremony rather than have to worry about the photos. I’m squinting a lot in this picture, but Sarah looks amazing. She took my breath away.

Sarah&Mark Wedding WEB-209

After our First Look, we went to a topiary park nearby that is based on Seurat’s ‘Grande Jatte and Circus‘.

Sarah&Mark Wedding WEB-220

Sarah’s favorite picture. I like how the street is completely empty except for us. She calls it her ‘Beatles Crossing the Street‘ picture.

Sarah&Mark Wedding WEB-336

Before the wedding, the groomsmen all hung out in ‘The Ice Bar’ in the basement of the venue. We all had a drink of the Johnny Walker Blue Label (pictured on the table). I am incredibly lucky and thankful to have such great friends and family in my life.

Sarah&Mark Wedding WEB-430

Our first kiss as husband and wife.

Sarah&Mark Wedding WEB-490

A great picture of us sharing a moment before cocktail hour.

Sarah&Mark Wedding WEB-497

The dress was absolutely stunning (as is the bride). This is Sarah overlooking the table setup. The venue went from Ceremony to Dinner while everyone was upstairs at cocktail hour. This was the first time she saw it all come together.

Sarah&Mark Wedding WEB-550

Our first dance. The song was ‘The Book of Love’ by Peter Gabriel

Sarah&Mark Wedding WEB-603

Instead of having a traditional wedding cake, we hired Graeters to provide an ice cream bar. Instead of having a cake cutting, we each got our favorite flavor and had what we called a ‘First Scoop’. In all, we had seven different flavors for guests to choose from and was a huge success.

Sarah&Mark Wedding WEB-671

Instead of a DJ, we hired the Naked Karate Girls. Glenn was amazing leading up to the wedding and came up with a minute-by-minute program and helped us out every step of the way. Their professionalism is unmatched and their music brought the house down!

Sarah&Mark Wedding WEB-672

This is my personal favorite picture. NKG had just taken the stage and it was just Sarah and I on the dance floor with our favorite band in front of us.

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Another Lawn Mowing Pattern

Did this dandy on Saturday. I texted my wife the picture and she replied “Cleavage.” Not really what I was going for, but I’ll take it. I still can’t believe how green the grass is given this time of the year with two large dogs.


Saturday Night Summed Up in One Conversation

My wife and I had a wonderful time at the Powell Village Winery on Saturday. The Summer Sangria is absolutely amazing! It quickly became our all-time favorite wine from their. We split a bottle at the restaurant and then bought another bottle for later.

On the way home, we stopped at the grocery store to grab some oranges. While my wife ran in, I turned on ‘The Sportive‘ podcast. When my wife came back, I told her I found this podcast when they had Aaron Gleeman on as a guest and started telling her who Gleeman is… her response….

“I know who Gleeman is. Gleeman and Posnanski…. I’m going to get you all friendship bracelets”

Ahh married life!


If you want to follow some great writers:

Aaron Gleeman –

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Joe Posnanski –
and I highly recommend reading his book – The Soul of Baseball: A Road Trip Through Buck O’Neil’s America

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Sad Looking Protest – Columbus

While walking to lunch on Wednesday, there was a protest happening at the Federal Courthouse building for Bradley Manning. The protest looked sad so I took a picture.