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Weekly OSU Post – Wisconsin

Since OSU had what amounted to a $79 per person practice last week, I refused to make picks. To close the book on this, FAMU pocketed $900,000 for being a punching bag for 60 minutes. OSU announced a crowd of 103,595, which means they made $8,184,005 on tickets (I’m not even going to factor in concessions, seat backs, merchandising, or parking). Take away the 800k OSU paid to FAMU and they made close to $7.4 million. I’m glad I sold my tickets. I think it’s egregious OSU put the careers of numerous players in jeopardy at the expense of money. This game offered no benefit to anyone but the bottom line and for this… Gene Smith needs to be fired.

This week OSU plays a real opponent in Wisconsin who is averaging a staggering 500+ yards per game. The lowest point total they’ve been held to in 4 games is 30 (OSU’s lowest total is 40). I think this favors the Over.

In terms of the actual game…. it’s a night game in Columbus which always provides an electric atmosphere. On top of that, Wisconsin has a first year coach and I don’t trust their quarterback. This game feels like it’s close throughout but Ohio State wins by 10.


Mark and Wisconsin Superfan in 2009 at the Varsity Club

Line – Ohio State by 7

Over/Under – 54

This week – Ohio State Covers and I’m taking the Over

Last week – See opening paragraph

Season – 3-3

If you have any thoughts on the FAMU debacle or predictions on Wisconsin, feel free to drop a note in the comment box below.

Running Calorie Milestone

Tonight I had one of my most lackadaisical runs in a very long time. I kept telling myself that I would be unstoppable if I could only get started. This got me the motivation to get started but it didn’t help on the actual run. In the end, I took the 1 mile route out and then cut it short on the way back for a total of 1.58 miles with both Pups.

While the run was a let down, when I entered the data into my running spreadsheet, I crossed 300,000 calories burned. This equates to over 85 pounds directly lost (or not gained) as a result of running.



I know that the calorie count from my Garmin watch isn’t 100% due to weight fluctuations and the like, I’m still proud of the achievement (Not to mention going over 2000 miles last month). Pictured below are the two best running partners ever.


If you have any running achievements you’re proud of or want to drop a random comment, feel free to use the box below.

Weekly OSU Post – FAMU Outrage

First let me say that I hate to even acknowledge the Ohio State game this weekend. I don’t plan to attend or even watch on television (which is unheard of for me). I lived in Tallahassee for 8 years and during that time I never paid the minuscule $5 to see FAMU play in person. It’s beyond egregious that Ohio State expects me to pay a $79 face value (plus $8 per seat cushion per game) to watch what amounts to a scrimmage versus a good high school team.

I find it insulting that Ohio State will jack up prices for the ‘premium’ game of Wisconsin (face value went up to $110 a ticket) but won’t reduce the price of what amounts to a walk-through. This is another example of why Gene Smith should be fired (besides throwing Tressel under the bus, but that’s another post…. tat-gate happened under his watch and he has always refused taking accountability). This game reinforces the belief that colleges are only interested in making money at the expense of their student athletes.

To show what a joke this week is, Ohio State opened as a 59.5 favorite. I can’t even comprehend what this number is and I’m insulted that Ohio State is wasting their time with this game while still maintaining that they are interested in advancing student-athletes. This week I’m refusing to make picks or predictions and only hope for no OSU injuries.


My wife and I at the OSU vs Navy game (a division 1 opponent)

This week – No Picks

Last week – 1-1

Season – 3-3

If you want to complain about the game or Gene Smith, feel free to drop a note in the comments

OSU vs. Cal Predictions

In my ongoing series on Ohio State predictions… I went 1-1 for the second week in a row. I was correct in Ohio State covering the spread, but missed on the over/under (the exact opposite of the previous week). For the year, I’m 2-2 so if bet a mythical $100 on each bet, I’d still be even (minus the vig).

This week, Ohio State travels to the east coast to play the University of California…. this game nervouses me for a ton of reasons. I still don’t have faith in the defense…. and I’m concerned that Braxton Miller won’t play or will play hurt.

Line – OSU by 15
Over/Under – 65.5

My official picks are…. OSU does not cover and the Over….

On the season… 2 wins – 2 loses


Me and my old man at an OSU vs. Minnesota game

Scenes from the Short North

My wife and I have gone to the Short North a lot more than usual lately because we’re in love with the Short North Pint House. I’ve taken a few random pictures from our trips…



This is a picture of a new building/condo going up in the area. I thought it was interesting how there were 8 or 9 people standing around not working. I’m not sure if they were waiting on a delivery or on break. Sarah did get whistled at as we walked by so that was a bonus.



This was the sign at the restaurant next to the pint house. I’ve had this soup before…. it’s not good. It’ll make you do questionable things and will probably make you sick.


I found this inside one of the many stores…. I texted my brilliant friend Chris N. (who used to be a vegetarian) who wins….  he said bacon but his wife said tofu.

If you have any thoughts on great bars or shops in the Short North (not Jeni’s because that place is horrible and overpriced) or want to drop a comment on any of the pictures, please drop a note in the comments.