Street Art Around Columbus

Ever since watching the great documentary ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop‘ by Banksy on Netflix, my friend Matt and I have been intrigued with street art. So far, I’ve found two instances in and around Columbus. The first is located in an ally near The Ohio State University campus where I used to get my hair cut (Just north of Lane Avenue).


It reads – “If a government fails to keep you warm, there’s a government that needs overthrown”

The second piece is in the short north visible from High Street.


It’s hard to tell what it is, but I believe it’s Uncle Sam eavesdropping on a wifi signal, which is awesome given the NSA scandal.

If you have any opinions on the street art or know of other pieces, please feel free to drop a note in the comments.



One response to “Street Art Around Columbus

  1. The Uncle Sam one used to be him listening to a payphone, but it looks like they took the payphone out.

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