Scenes from the Short North

My wife and I have gone to the Short North a lot more than usual lately because we’re in love with the Short North Pint House. I’ve taken a few random pictures from our trips…



This is a picture of a new building/condo going up in the area. I thought it was interesting how there were 8 or 9 people standing around not working. I’m not sure if they were waiting on a delivery or on break. Sarah did get whistled at as we walked by so that was a bonus.



This was the sign at the restaurant next to the pint house. I’ve had this soup before…. it’s not good. It’ll make you do questionable things and will probably make you sick.


I found this inside one of the many stores…. I texted my brilliant friend Chris N. (who used to be a vegetarian) who wins….  he said bacon but his wife said tofu.

If you have any thoughts on great bars or shops in the Short North (not Jeni’s because that place is horrible and overpriced) or want to drop a comment on any of the pictures, please drop a note in the comments.


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