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I Literally Bought One Item!

I went to CVS Drug Store the other day to buy some Arnold Palmer (only the most delicious drink in the world). In their effort to be as stupid as possible, CVS gave me a receipt that measured 40 inches (over 3 feet for one item!!!). It was so ridiculous, I had to take a picture. Go home CVS… you’re drunk!!


The full receipt pictured above in all it’s glory.


This is the top part showing the one item I actually bought…..

If you have any examples of how stupid or ridiculous CVS is (or any retailer for that matter)…. feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Ohio State Buckeyes vs. San Diego State Predictions

This is week two of my ongoing experiment where I place two mythical $100 bets on the Buckeye Games. Last week I ended up winning on the Over/Under but Ohio State failed to cover the spread. This week versus San Diego State, the Over/Under is the exact same as last week at 55 and the line is Ohio State winning by 27.5. I think OSU is going to be fired up after a lackluster first game and will roll to an easy victory.

Picks – Ohio State Covers the spread and I am taking the Over.

Last Week – 1-1

Season – 1-1


If you want to drop a thought on the game, feel free to comment.

Just Tobey in Aviators

Just a picture from Labor Day of Tobey wearing some sunglasses.


Street Art Around Columbus

Ever since watching the great documentary ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop‘ by Banksy on Netflix, my friend Matt and I have been intrigued with street art. So far, I’ve found two instances in and around Columbus. The first is located in an ally near The Ohio State University campus where I used to get my hair cut (Just north of Lane Avenue).


It reads – “If a government fails to keep you warm, there’s a government that needs overthrown”

The second piece is in the short north visible from High Street.


It’s hard to tell what it is, but I believe it’s Uncle Sam eavesdropping on a wifi signal, which is awesome given the NSA scandal.

If you have any opinions on the street art or know of other pieces, please feel free to drop a note in the comments.