Scotts Patchmaster Fail & Subsequent Good Customer Service (Updated)

I recently removed some bushes from the edge of my driveway and attempted to replace the vacant area with grass. To accomplish this, I bought two bags of Scotts Patchmaster grass seed. I bought the first bag from Home Depot.  When that wasn’t enough to cover the area, I bought another bag Zettler’s Hardware. I planted them within an hour of each other and both have had identical watering and sunshine. Unfortunately, only the first bag sprouted grass. 20130923_172116


I’ve emailed Scotts to see if this is a common occurrence and if they have a satisfaction guarantee. I’ll update as necessary…. but in the meantime, I’m going to start avoiding all Scotts lawn products.

Update – Oct 5 – Joseph at Scotts emailed and offered a refund if I could produce the UPC code or the original receipt. I have neither so I think this issue is probably closed and I’ll start looking at lawncare alternatives in the future.

Update – Oct 10 – I responded to Joseph that I don’t have the receipt or UPC. Karen at Scotts emailed back and asked how much I paid. I looked at my credit card statement and sent her a screenshot ($10.69). She emailed back and said they would be sending a goodwill refund. I never gave them my address, but hopefully they have it from a former rebate or something.

Update – Oct 20 – Scotts did indeed send a letter and reimbursement (pictured below). In the words of the great Harry Dunne – “You go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!” Kudos to Scotts for standing behind their product. They may have saved a customer. I’m going to give it another try this week and hope for better results.


Has anyone experienced this before or any alternate products you recommend? If so, drop a comment below. I always feel like Scotts is massively overpriced given the reliability of their products.


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