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OSU vs. Northwestern Prediction

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Not Sure If Someone Is Trying To Tell Me Something…..

So…. this is the first thing I saw when I came in to work today….. A very subtle message from a co-worker.




I hope my day ends up better than Lydia’s did.

If you’ve tried to poison me or just want to leave a general comment, feel free to use the box below.

Scotts Patchmaster Fail & Subsequent Good Customer Service (Updated)

I recently removed some bushes from the edge of my driveway and attempted to replace the vacant area with grass. To accomplish this, I bought two bags of Scotts Patchmaster grass seed. I bought the first bag from Home Depot.  When that wasn’t enough to cover the area, I bought another bag Zettler’s Hardware. I planted them within an hour of each other and both have had identical watering and sunshine. Unfortunately, only the first bag sprouted grass. 20130923_172116


I’ve emailed Scotts to see if this is a common occurrence and if they have a satisfaction guarantee. I’ll update as necessary…. but in the meantime, I’m going to start avoiding all Scotts lawn products.

Update – Oct 5 – Joseph at Scotts emailed and offered a refund if I could produce the UPC code or the original receipt. I have neither so I think this issue is probably closed and I’ll start looking at lawncare alternatives in the future.

Update – Oct 10 – I responded to Joseph that I don’t have the receipt or UPC. Karen at Scotts emailed back and asked how much I paid. I looked at my credit card statement and sent her a screenshot ($10.69). She emailed back and said they would be sending a goodwill refund. I never gave them my address, but hopefully they have it from a former rebate or something.

Update – Oct 20 – Scotts did indeed send a letter and reimbursement (pictured below). In the words of the great Harry Dunne – “You go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!” Kudos to Scotts for standing behind their product. They may have saved a customer. I’m going to give it another try this week and hope for better results.


Has anyone experienced this before or any alternate products you recommend? If so, drop a comment below. I always feel like Scotts is massively overpriced given the reliability of their products.

2013 MLB Over/Under Results

Thankfully, the debacle that is the 2013 Minnesota Twins has finally come to an end. The Twins finished by becoming utterly unwatchable and losing the last six games of the year to finish 66-96. Once Joe Mauer got hurt, I couldn’t bring myself to watch anymore. What’s worse, is the Twins have hardly anything to build on for next year. They have an above-average second baseman, a good prospect in Arcia, an amazing closer in Perkins, and Joe Mauer. They still have no pitching hardly any trade-able assets. The immediate future is certainly bleak in MN. Here’s to 2015 if Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano continue to progress.

Now that the season is mercifully over, it’s time to review the over/under predictions that were made in April. As is usually the case, this is a great study on I shouldn’t be allowed to gamble. If you are Gleeman, Tom or John Bonnes, I highly encourage you to start planning a trip to Vegas in late March of 2014.

9-30-2013 1-55-04 PM

Update: Just received the following email…. too soon 😦

9-30-2013 2-50-15 PM

If you have any thoughts or want to make fun of me for my horrible picks (although I was right on the Twins), feel free to drop a note in the comments.