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‘The Game’ (Ohio State vs. Michigan) Prediction

‘In the 1968 Ohio State versus Michigan game, already up 42-14, Ohio State scored another touchdown. Woody Hayes then called for a two point conversion, which they converted. When asked why he did it, Woody said; “Because the rules won’t let you go for three.”‘

That quote sums up the genuine dislike between these two teams. I grew up in Tallahassee and the FSU/Florida rivalry doesn’t come close. In Columbus, this game makes or breaks the season. This year, the focus is slightly diminished because Ohio State has already punched their ticket to the Big 10 Championship game next weekend. However, make no mistake, this game is still huge. Ohio State comes in undefeated with an outside chance of a National Championship berth. Michigan, on the other hand, has a chance to redeem what’s been a disappointing season and ruin the championship run of their rival (see 1969 or the entire John Cooper era).

Here are my quick thoughts. Urban Meyer is 21-3 in rivalry games from his time at Bowling Green, Utah and Florida. Advantage – Ohio State

Ohio State has a ton more talent and is better coached – Advantage – Ohio State

There are numerous articles that Michigan fans are selling their tickets in droves (some tickets are rumored to be as low as $60). This means lots of OSU fans at the game…. Advantage – Ohio State

Game day weather – Cold with a moderate wind – This helps Ohio State because they’ll be able to execute their game plan without having to worry about footing/rain/snow – Advantage – Ohio State

Winning streak – Ohio State has won a school record 23 games in a row! – Advantage – Ohio State

Horrible Uniforms – Advantage Michigan

Given the way the teams have played this year, I really think Ohio State should win easily. The question will be if they can play within their emotions and avoid making costly plays (fumbles, interceptions, etc.). My prediction is that Braxton Miller and Carlos Hyde run wild over the wolverines. The Ohio State defense is just bad enough to give Michigan some hope, but in the end, Ohio State wins 31-17.

As an added bonus, here’s a picture from the game last year with Ohio State capping off an undefeated season and the kids storming the field in celebration.



Line – Ohio State by 16 (opened at 12)

Over/Under – 57

This week Predictions –  Ohio State does not cover and the Under

Last week – 2-0 (Hooray for Indiana)

Season – 7-10-1

If you want to talk about how Michigan sucks, or your general dislike of the school up north, feel free to drop a note below.

Random Weim Pictures (Thanksgiving Edition)

I haven’t done this for a while so I want to post some random pictures of my Weimaraners, Tobey (gray) and Lillian (blue).

The first picture is for Nosember. This totally caused me to be late for work. Tobey laid on my leg and Lili came to join him.


The second picture is of Tobey. He turned 8 last Saturday and to celebrate, my wife baked some homemade treats. I gave both weims one as they came in from outside. Lili came inside first and could have devoured hers with a straw. Once Tobey came in, I gave him his treat but he didn’t eat it. He kept it in his mouth for about 10 minutes. I think he was treating it like a treasure. I managed to snap the picture below of him with the treat still in his mouth. Eventually, I made him drop the treat and he finally ate it. It was one of the funniest things I’ve seen.


The last picture was taken tonight (Thanksgiving). Tobey is sleeping on the couch and Lillian is snuggled in a blanket laying on her big brother and best friend. Both pups are incredibly happy.


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Hidden Gems from Google Music

Google Music is by far my favorite music service. It blows Pandora out of the water because I can see the next 20 songs that will play (and adjust accordingly), rewind music, and even listen to individual songs or albums. Similar to Pandora, the User can create unique stations off an artist or individual song. I have a station created off of ‘The Little Old Lady From Pasadena’ by the Beach Boys. Growing up, my mom always listened to oldies so I began to like them as well. Below are two of the most random things I’ve seen so far….

The first is the album art for the song ‘Little Darlin’ by ‘The Diamonds’ (YouTube).


If you look close, the guy on top is totally about to shoot the other band member in the head… This is insane on so many levels. Could you imagine being in the meeting when they were trying to figure out what pose they should do for the album cover? Who could have thought this was a remotely good idea. Anyway, I laugh every time I look at the picture.

The second thing I’ve come across is an album called ‘Jan and Dean Meet Batman‘ (only $9.49 for the full album on Amazon). You may know Jan and Dean from the songs ‘Little Deuce Coupe’ or ‘Dead Man’s Curve’ and you probably know Batman from being Batman. This is a worse spin-off than when the Globetrotters would visit Gilligan’s island and probably rivals the Starwars Christmas Special in terms of things that should never have happened.


Anyway, I thought both of these were pretty funny so I wanted to write a quick post.

If you know of any crazy albums or album art, definitely drop a note in the comments below.

Indiana Prediction

Quick prediction for the game tomorrow. The line is Ohio State winning by 34.5 and both teams scoring 81 points. I’m predicting that Ohio State wins by less than 34.5 and the under on the 81. 

Amazon or Bust… Now With Charitable Giving!

I have a crazy Amazon addiction. Last year alone I had 138 orders that included everything from Tide to a Blender to Special K cereal. This year I’ve slightly scaled back. Through today, I have 89 orders. This year includes everything from a Halloween costume to a box of Candy Cigarettes to more Special K (Note: the price of cereal changes almost every day. The target price is around $14 for four boxes). I love love love Amazon.

It was great news when Amazon introduced a program called Amazon Smile. In a nutshell, the program gives 0.5 percent of your purchase to the charity of your choice when you start at The beauty is that they have thousands of charities to choose and it’s incredibly easy to use. My two favorite charities, Citizens for Humane Action and the Louisville Weimaraner Rescue (LWR) were both on the list which means that any purchase I make (some restrictions apply), they’ll get a donation. I ended up going with the LWR because I haven’t been as active as I would like to be in the Weim community.


One thing to note with Amazon Smile is that if you don’t start at, your purchase won’t qualify. Thankfully, if you use Google Chrome as a web browser (which everyone should), someone has created an extension that automatically loads Amazon Smile anytime you navigate to Amazon. The link is:

Either way, it’s a win-win…. you get the great products you want and you’re helping charity at the same time. I encourage all four readers of this blog to make a difference and pick the charity of their choice and sign up. Every little bit helps and it certainly makes me feel better about 300+ orders over the past three years!


If you have any suggestions of products from Amazon or want to talk about great charities, leave a note in the comment box below.