2013 Year in Review – Picture Edition

As we approach Christmas, I’ve been watching a lot of Christmas movies and have come to the conclusion that they’re all horrible. We started by watching ‘Christmas Vacation’, which has become outrageously outdated. Next up was ‘The Santa Clause’ which looks likes it was filmed by a middle school A/V department. I’m convinced that ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and ‘The Elf’ are the only decent Christmas movies out there. Between the movies and the loathing the song ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’, I’m feeling like a huge grinch. As such, I thought I would write a quick post on some of my favorite pictures of 2013.

The first couple of pictures come from my ¬†engagement photo session in April. We wanted to incorporate the pups since I met my wife at the dog park. The puppies did not want to cooperate and our wonderful photographer (Britt Lakin) managed to snap the two photos below of the chaos…. They instantly became my favorite pictures.


The second set of pictures comes from our wedding in June. I apologize if I’ve already posted these. Six months into the marriage, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. For Christmas, we bought each an XBox One. Since she doesn’t read this blog, for her birthday, I’m thinking of buying her a Wii U because she’s a huge Zelda fan.

Sarah&Mark Wedding WEB-672 Sarah&Mark Wedding WEB-490

One of my favorite moments was the 2013 CHA Dog Jog. Tobey and I had a great time. We didn’t do fund raising this year, but we still had a great time. Tobey finished 3rd and won a gift basket.



The fall was consumed with OSU Football. Even though they lost the Big Ten Championship, I learned not to gamble on football and finished with a 9-12-1 record. If I bet $50 on each bet, I’d be down a few hundred dollars. Not good. As bad as the gambling would have been, the games were amazing. Below are some of my favorite pictures of the year.

IMG_2094 20130928_215840 20131123_172959 IMG_2165 IMG_2173


Other events I didn’t include…. Weird Al concert, Honeymoon in the US Virgin Islands, Misc. Dog photos, etc. For as great as 2013 was, I can’t wait for 2014.

If you have any great memories of 2013, feel free to drop a note below.


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