The Mysterious Disappearance of Noah’s Bark and Noah’s Too

With winter in full effect, the weimaraners are restless. For those that are unfamiliar with the breed, they are incredibly high energy and need exersize and stimulation or they’ll invent their own…. usually at the expense of my house. Since the sidewalks are too snowy to run, I’ve been taking the pups to doggy day care three days a week to allow them to blow off some steam. Our daycare of choice has been Noah’s Bark near the Ohio State campus in Columbus, OH. My blue weimaraner, Lillian, has been going there  since she was a puppy. In fact, two of my all-time favorite pictures of Lil were taken there.

DSC_1192_color DSC_1209
When I need overnight boarding, I’ve been using Noah’s Too in New Albany. I ran a quicken report and over the past 4 years, we’ve spent in excess of $4500 dollars between the Noahs locations.
You can imagine my surprise on Wednesday of this week (Jan. 8) when Noah’s announced on Facebook and Twitter that they were shutting down forever effective immediately.
1-8-2014 4-16-30 PM
1-8-2014 4-25-40 PM

My wife took the news hard because she had trusted them with Lillian since the very beginning and felt betrayed that they would close down without warning and had become friends with some of the employees. I felt more cheated and taken advantage of because we had just bought a 20 day daycare package for $333 and had a lot of unused days left.

With two days since the announcement, both Facebook pages have been taken down. Both websites are no longer working. I’ve disputed the last charge with Discover (currently pending) but I’m still left with more questions than answers. Why did they close? What should people do about the unused days (note: I disputed the charge with the credit card company)? Why wasn’t there notice given? Were our dogs ever in danger? Were their any warning signs that I missed that Noah’s wouldn’t be reputable? What happened to the dedicated employees? Unfortunately for everyone involved, I think the loyal customers are going to be left with more questions than answers. The end result is that the owners Noah’s proved to be shut down without warning at the expense of their longtime customers and that sucks for everyone involved.

If you know of any good doggy day care locations in Columbus or want to drop a note about Noah’s closing, please use the box below.

Update 1/11/14 – 10TV in Columbus posted an article about the closing but doesn’t answer any questions. It mentions owner Mark Corner left his employees without paychecks. What a wonderful man. He certainly duped us. You can read the article here –

Update 1/11/14 – There is/was a civil case against the owner from the State of Ohio Department of Taxation (case 11 JG 055187) – you can search here –

15 responses to “The Mysterious Disappearance of Noah’s Bark and Noah’s Too

  1. I would love to offer our services at Daycare at Kennel Club USA. We have a state of the art 10,000 sq. ft. facility on 45 acres of land just east of New Albany. We would certainly appreciate the opportunity to care for your pets.

  2. I worked as a manager at noahs too for.2.5 years. I am now a manager at willow wood pet resort and training center in new albany. I remember both of your dogs well and i am so sorry that this happend. We currently this week alone have taken in 6 noah daycare dogs. I also have two other noah employees working here with me. I hope whatever choice you make, you find a great place to take them to and i am again so sorry this happend to you and everyone else. It is beyond betrayal!

  3. Please give us a call..I am so sorry about noahs
    sharon 614-778-0431

  4. The staff at Advanced Boarding and Grooming of Ohio, LTD would love to welcome Noah’s Bark and Noah’s Too canine and feline friends, along with their parents, to check out all that we offer at our facility.

    At Advanced, we offer all day, structured daycare in addition to 24 hour lodging. There are even themed bungalows available, complete with a comfy bed, chair and television!

    Our daycare guests are offered fun, interactive, outdoor exercise at least four times a day. We also offer play groups for our boarding guests.

    We provide a full line of grooming services. A spa day is a great way to keep your fur kids happy, healthy, looking wonderful and smelling great!

    All of our services at Advanced offer lots of TLC at no additional charge.

    Contact us at 740-549-9999, or stop in anytime during business hours for a tour:

    Hours of Operation
    Monday – Friday: 7am – 7pm
    Saturday: 9am – 12pm
    Sunday: 6pm – 7pm only

  5. I am the owner of Cheryl’s Doggie Daycare in Columbus off of Trabue Road. Easy access to interstate 270 & 70. We also have welcomed Noah’s customers. We have been in business for over 10 years and offer discounts to OSU students and faculty. Feel free to check out our website at or stop in anytime. We are a member of the BBB and have a grade A on Angie’s list. We also offer overnight boarding, grooming & transportation for a minimal fee .
    Open Monday – Friday 5:30 a.m -7:00 p.m
    614 527-1158

  6. I guess a class action lawsuit may be in order? Not sure about the in’s and out’s, but I bet most everyone involved is owed money (whether it be a paycheck, day care package, etc.) Any thoughts?

  7. I am so sorry you were affected by the sudden closing of Noah’s! I am the manager of the Canine Social Club located at 1103 Dublin Rd., convenient to 670W, 315, and downtown in the Grandview Heights area. We’re here 7a-7p Mon-Fri and Saturdays from 9a-2p. CSC has been in operation since 2001.

    We offer three playrooms where we divide dogs into two active playgroups and one passive playgroup (for our small and shy dogs, seniors, and puppies who are just starting out). We would be more than happy to talk to you about our daycare services.

    Please feel free to give us a call at 614-488-DOGS (3647), visit our Facebook page at, or e-mail me at

  8. The more I keep hearing about this, the more thankful I am for the daycare my little fur baby Lily goes to. I really lucked out with them. The owner posted on here too, Cheryl McCool, at Cheryl’s Doggie Day Care. Lily has cried when she’s been left with anyone else really, but never at Cheryl’s. So I totally have to give a recommendation for them since my Lily has such separation anxiety and they take awesome care of her there.

    Something like this is such a hard thing to have to go through, the financial stuff not withstanding, which sucks too. But you really trust the folks you leave your pets with and when something like this happens it’s such a violation of that trust and faith. I hope so much that you can get some money back and also that you find a good place for your little fur baby Lillian to go to now too!

  9. This is so sad to hear. I was the assistant manager at Noah’s Bark for almost two years. It was a wonderful place (because of the dogs, their owners, and my co-workers). I got the feeling, however, that the owner was more in it for the money. Some of the reviews I’ve read since leaving have been less than favorable, with people complaining about injuries and negligence. It might be a blessing that it closed. Still, it saddens me to think of all those poor folks/dogs. 😦 I hope you find your pup a good (better!) alternative.

  10. I also brought my dog (Harley) to Noah’s Bark for daycare, and Noah’s Too for boarding. I started bringing her to Noah’s Bark as a puppy a little over 3 years ago, and continued to bring her regularly two to three times a week. Like you, I would buy packages of 20 days for $333 at a time. Fortunately we only lost about 10 days. But the worst part of all of this, was finding out about them closing on Facebook with no explanation as to why. Noah’s Bark was Harley’s second home and the sudden closing was a shock and left us in a terrible bind. Harley is also a Blue Weimaraner like Lili. I actually heard a lot about Lili at both Noah’s Bark and Noah’s Too because of how much they look alike. (Harley has a bigger white spot on her chest)
    We got Harley started in a daycare in Grove City called Dogs Rule! They have been wonderful in getting us in quickly and starting a new routine. The first day she was there they took a ton of pictures of Harley throughout the day so I could see how she adjusted into the new place. Good luck with Toby and Lili, I feel like I know them even though we never met.

  11. I was also blindsided by the immediate closing on Noah’s Too in New Albany. My maltipoo Lilly went there on a weekly basis & was even boarded there at times. I saw no signs of this coming & was heart broken when I saw the post on Facebook as well, not only for myself but for Lilly. Every time I dropped her off there, her 12 pound body would literally drag me to the door with excitement. She has so many friends there & loved the staff. I also had purchased the 20 day pass for day camp with multiple days remanning along with an unused in home training session.

    If there are any suggestions on day camp places around the New Albany/Gahanna area or if there is any word on the unused day camp packages / training sessions being refunding to us loyal customers, please let me know!

  12. Where did the groomers go? I would like to continue with Jennifer or Sally.

    • I would also like to Know what happened to the Groomers at Noahs Too. They were great!

      • I guess the reason I keep responding to the posts is I would like the opportunity to earn your business. If you are looking for a groomer close to the old Noah’s Too location I cannot help you. If driving 10 minutes east from there is not a problem, I feel I have the best groomer in the Midwest. We are three exits east off SR 161. From Hand Scissoring, to Hand Stripping, every size and breed looks as though they are entering the ring. We have clients driving 2 hours for her services. I will guarantee your satisfaction. If you don’t feel your dog looks better than it ever has before, I will not charge you. It is as simple as that. We are usually booked out 1-3 weeks in advance depending on the time of year. We appreciate our customers and would like the opportunity to serve you.
        Kennel Club USA
        (740) 967-8050

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