My Favorite Google Chrome Extensions

I was recently having a conversation with a co-worker about my favorite browser extensions when when I thought it might be a good idea to post some of them on the blog for everyone…. If you aren’t using Chrome as your default browser, I assume you are one of my parents or someone who isn’t great with technology…. There really aren’t any other reasons. With that said…. here are some of my favorite extensions that really make Chrome an amazing browser….

AdBlock –

This extension blocks ads from showing up when you browse various websites. I’m not going to get in much detail because blocking ads is as straightforward, but this is a must-have…


Facebook Disconnect –

I’ve already written why Facebook is horrible, but it’s still used by millions (myself included). They are notorious for tracking all your web activity even outside of the application itself. This extension cuts that off so they can’t mine your data and gives you more control over what information is shared.


Chrome to Phone –

This extension is awesome because it let’s you send whatever you are viewing on your desktop instantaneously to your phone. Think when you’re looking up an address or phone number…. instead of writing it down, you can send directly to the phone so you always have it handy. You can even integrate into Google Maps and whatnot. It’s more useful than I thought it would be.

Honey –

Honey is my favorite extension. Whenever you are shopping online, Honey will display a button upon checkout at most sites…. clicking the ‘Honey’ button will check the most frequent coupon codes to save you money! It’s awesome.


Smile Always –

I’ve written before how Amazon Smile is something everyone should be doing (.5% of your purchase goes to the charity of your choice). Smile Always makes sure whenever you go to, it will automatically load so your charity will get their donation (using will not get your organization the donation).


The Tracktor –

Another one of my favorite extensions. The Tracktor shows historical pricing on Amazon so you can be sure to buy at the lowest possible price. It’s amazing.


If you like any of the extensions listed or have any additional suggestions that I should be using, please feel free to drop a note below.


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