Early Lawn Photos

It’s crazy how fast time goes in the Spring. With yard work and running, I haven’t had as much time as I want to update the blog. A couple of quick notes…. Everyone should listen to the audio books of Harry Potter. The reader should get a Nobel prize. He is absolutely incredible. I’m on the last book and could not be more impressed.

I’m still without Cable TV and loving it. A quick recommendations is Derek on Netflix. A very solid show. I’m looking forward to the HBO shows coming on Amazon Prime streaming later in the month.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the back yard.




One response to “Early Lawn Photos

  1. Hi Mark,
    Love to see the wind in a Weimi’s ear. Appreciated your coverage of post op Weimi care several blogs back. The soft cone seems like a great idea. Our guy Jake is 12 plus and has some of those tumors which we’re going to have checked. We’ve been watching and one in particular seems questionable. Its on his chest, which we call his brisket. If you have further thoughts on Weimaraner tumors, please give us a shout.
    Thanks & Best,

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