Fool me 1 through 6 times, shame on you…. Fool me 7 or above…. shame on me

One of the things I like about home ownership is making improvements. Since I’ve owned my house, I’ve tiled bathrooms, replaced fireplaces and updated fixtures. Most recently, I was fixing some blemishes in the kitchen by spackling one of the walls….

Unfortunately, the pups took an immense interest in the project. I don’t know what it is, but Tobey (the gray weimaraner) loves the taste of dried spackle… and Lillian (the blue weimaraner) loves the taste of drying spackle…. which made a simple project, turn nearly impossible. Below is a timeline in pictures of the never-ending project….

The first photo is the day of the first spackling. The dogs made the hole probably 3-4 times bigger than the original part I was fixing. No big deal I thought…. I’ll patch it and put a rag over it while it dries and block it with the vacuum so the pups can’t get to it…. that has to work…..



Only…. it didn’t.



The next thought was to patch the wall and barricade the entire corner off so there is no access…. The below picture showed how well that worked….



Somehow, the pups climbed on top of the barricade…. oy.

Eventually, the weekend came where the dogs would be supervised the entire weekend. I finally was able to to patch it properly and put two coats of paint on the wall…. which led to….



Perfection! The wall is back to acceptable. The paint is dry and there is no difference from this wall to every other wall in the house…. or so I thought… Below is what happened today while I was at work…



In all, the dogs have eaten the wall at least 5-6 times. I now have a rush order of bitter apple spray on order from Amazon…. hopefully… that’ll stop the madness…. In the meantime, the inmates continue to run the asylum.

If you’ve ever had experience with dogs eating things or want to laugh at my misfortune… feel free to drop a note below.


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