Monthly Archives: December 2014

Favorite Photos & Whatnot

I thought I would do a quick post on some of my favorite things from my RSS news feed.

The first photo is from Alligator Sunglasses and is an alligator/crocodile waiting in the swamp. I love the color and the look in his eyes.


The second image was found on imgur. It was titled Happy New Year and reminds me how great life is. Definitely one of my favorite comics of all time.


The next photo is the just a simple meme, but I laugh every time I see it.


The next comic was also from imgur. It’s like the artist was in our house when he drew it. Both of our dogs have space issues… especially Lili who still thinks she weighs 15 pounds.


The last photo is also from imgur. I was in a work meeting when someone was taking a photo with an iPad. It was hilarious. I went to Universal Studios last summer and I couldn’t believe all the tourists taking photos with their tablets.



Anyway, just wanted to throw up a quick post. Happy New Year to all.

My Favorite Web Comics

There are some amazing comics on the web. I thought it may be fun to list a few of my favorites in hope that maybe you’ll find one or two that you really enjoy. I subscribe to all of these through my rss feed using These are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Doghouse Diaries – Simply drawn, but very funny. Below is a funny example from early December.


2. Endless Origami – More adult and risque than some of the others, but very funny.


3. Exploding Dog – One frame drawings of situations. Some are really good and the artist is really good about taking requests.


4. Mr. Lovenstein – Another random webcomic that I enjoy. Usually done in three or more frames.


5. Poorly Drawn Lines – Similar to the traditional comics. Uses 4 or 5 boxes per comic… check it out.



6. The Awkward Yeti – Perhaps my favorite. It follows a Yeti named Lars and also shows some of the conversations between various organs.



7. The Oatmeal – Probably the most popular comic on this list with nearly 1.4 million followers on Google+. Fun drawings and backs up his comics with facts. I love the dog comics and also the running comics.

If you like any of these or have any other recommendations (besides xkcd)… drop me a note in the comment box below.