My Favorite Web Comics

There are some amazing comics on the web. I thought it may be fun to list a few of my favorites in hope that maybe you’ll find one or two that you really enjoy. I subscribe to all of these through my rss feed using These are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Doghouse Diaries – Simply drawn, but very funny. Below is a funny example from early December.


2. Endless Origami – More adult and risque than some of the others, but very funny.


3. Exploding Dog – One frame drawings of situations. Some are really good and the artist is really good about taking requests.


4. Mr. Lovenstein – Another random webcomic that I enjoy. Usually done in three or more frames.


5. Poorly Drawn Lines – Similar to the traditional comics. Uses 4 or 5 boxes per comic… check it out.



6. The Awkward Yeti – Perhaps my favorite. It follows a Yeti named Lars and also shows some of the conversations between various organs.



7. The Oatmeal – Probably the most popular comic on this list with nearly 1.4 million followers on Google+. Fun drawings and backs up his comics with facts. I love the dog comics and also the running comics.

If you like any of these or have any other recommendations (besides xkcd)… drop me a note in the comment box below.


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