Reprint – A New Low for College Football and FSU

Editors note: This was originally posted on March 5, 2004 on my old blog (Tea and Strumpets or… the T&S for short). Since FSU is in the playoff tomorrow, I thought it may be a worth a reprint. Especially since FSU had some rape allegations of their own with their  qb Jameis Winston and this shows a lackluster institutional attitude that goes back years….


Oh, Hey Teens, Mark Roehl here. Some disturbing news in the world of college football has come to the forefront lately. As I’m sure most of the five people who read this column on a regular basis have heard, there have been some very serious rape and sexual assault allegations at the University of Colorado involving their football program and their recruiting process. In fact seven women have come forth and accused football players or football recruits of rape since 1997. It has also been alleged that the Colorado football coaches used strip clubs and sex parties as a recruiting tool to get highly touted high-school recruits to play football at the University. The scandal has large enough implications that the Colorado Attorney General is launching its own investigation into the matter.

One of the women who came forth with accusations of rape was former player Katie Hnida (Nee-Da) who was a kicker on the 1999 Colorado team coached by Gary Barnett. She has asserted that she was raped by a teammate in the summer of 2000. She also alleges that she was groped and touched inappropriately during practices and repeatedly called vulgar names while the coaches watched idly by. The T&S finds these allegations very disturbing and thinks that coach Gary Barnett should be outright fired and possibly jailed if the allegations that the coaches used sex parties and strip clubs as a tool to recruit high school prospects are true. No player deserves to be treated like that regardless of sex. While we’re not the biggest fans of woman playing sports (foxy boxing and mud wrestling excluded), Katie Hnida was a member of the team and she should have been treated as such. She was an all-county kicker and was offered a walk-on spot on the team by then-coach Rick Neuheisel so she obviously had enough talent for a division I coach to believe in her. I was embarrassed for Colorado when Gary Barnett responded to the rape allegations and the conduct by his players towards Hnida by saying “It was obvious Katie was not very good. She was awful,” he said. “Katie was not only a girl, she was terrible. OK? There’s no other way to say it.” His response was to blame the rape victim which shows not only that he is an a-hole, but also that he is in denial and doesn’t care about the well-being of his former players, the reputation of the school that he was representing, and that he is an insensitive jerk. His response can be interpreted as saying that it’s okay that she was raped because she wasn’t good at football and that kind of behavior cannot be tolerated.


Is Barnett Responsible for His Players and Coaches Actions?

While we are outraged by what happened at Colorado, we’re also outraged that Bobby Bowden, the coach of the Florida State Seminoles, has come to the defense of Gary Barnett and challenged the validity of Katie Hnida’s rape allegations (click here for the story). Bowden was quoted as saying “Gary Barnett simply told what he thought was the truth: She was not a very good player. Boy, that cost him. Fifty years ago, nobody would have even said a thing about that (comment).” Umm, Bobby, fifty years ago, no one said anything about blacks being segregated either but that didn’t make that right now did it. No one said anything about woman not having the same opportunity as men fifty years ago. Just because people would turn a blind eye in the past, doesn’t make it right or acceptable.


FSU Fans Have Another Reason to Hang Their Heads

In another quote, Robert (Bobby) Bowden directly questions the validity of Hnida’s statement by saying “I did not understand how a young lady can say she was abused, or whatever it was, two years later. At the time, why don’t you go report it? It seems like you ought to report it right (away). So it makes me say, ‘Well, did it really happen like that?’ I just don’t know.” Now here at the T&S, we don’t claim to be experts by any means, but studies have shown that after a rape, the victim feels embarrassed, scared, angry, and confused ( When asked why Katie didn’t go to the police after it happened, she responded “I was so scared of what he might do to me, and I didn’t want a huge media mess. I was already carrying around so much inside me, I was numb.” This is a completely understandable response given what happened; one that Bobby Bowden is too dense to accept. In an update on the comments, Bowden says that they were not about Hnida, but rather about another of the women who have accused the school of fostering an environment where this kind of behavior is tolerated. The newspaper stands by the original story that the comments were about Hnida. It really doesn’t matter which woman Bobby Bowden was talking about because the facts are the same on why women often times don’t come forth right away so the woman is a mute point. We at the T&S are proposing that society has passed Bobby Bowden and his antiquated views on women need to be dealt with by the Florida State University because comments like these are unacceptable. They are inexcusable after a tragedy like that has happened, but what more would you expect from a school that sends more players to jail than they do to the N.F.L. It’s time that society quits giving Bobby Bowden and Gary Barnett a free ride and begins to hold them accountable for not only their comments, but their actions as well. Gary Barnett should be fired immediately and Bobby Bowden should be put on probation and be required to take diversity training for his misguided comments.

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Favorite Photos & Whatnot

I thought I would do a quick post on some of my favorite things from my RSS news feed.

The first photo is from Alligator Sunglasses and is an alligator/crocodile waiting in the swamp. I love the color and the look in his eyes.


The second image was found on imgur. It was titled Happy New Year and reminds me how great life is. Definitely one of my favorite comics of all time.


The next photo is the just a simple meme, but I laugh every time I see it.


The next comic was also from imgur. It’s like the artist was in our house when he drew it. Both of our dogs have space issues… especially Lili who still thinks she weighs 15 pounds.


The last photo is also from imgur. I was in a work meeting when someone was taking a photo with an iPad. It was hilarious. I went to Universal Studios last summer and I couldn’t believe all the tourists taking photos with their tablets.



Anyway, just wanted to throw up a quick post. Happy New Year to all.

My Favorite Web Comics

There are some amazing comics on the web. I thought it may be fun to list a few of my favorites in hope that maybe you’ll find one or two that you really enjoy. I subscribe to all of these through my rss feed using These are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Doghouse Diaries – Simply drawn, but very funny. Below is a funny example from early December.


2. Endless Origami – More adult and risque than some of the others, but very funny.


3. Exploding Dog – One frame drawings of situations. Some are really good and the artist is really good about taking requests.


4. Mr. Lovenstein – Another random webcomic that I enjoy. Usually done in three or more frames.


5. Poorly Drawn Lines – Similar to the traditional comics. Uses 4 or 5 boxes per comic… check it out.



6. The Awkward Yeti – Perhaps my favorite. It follows a Yeti named Lars and also shows some of the conversations between various organs.



7. The Oatmeal – Probably the most popular comic on this list with nearly 1.4 million followers on Google+. Fun drawings and backs up his comics with facts. I love the dog comics and also the running comics.

If you like any of these or have any other recommendations (besides xkcd)… drop me a note in the comment box below.

The Mark Roehl Certified Netflix Documentary List – Part 2

Here is part two of my favorite documentaries. If you missed part one, you can view it by clicking here.

11. Beer Wars – A great documentary about the stupid laws we have in America around Beer and how anyone who isn’t Coors, Bud or Miller is fighting an uphill battle.


12. Nerdcore Rising – A crazy documentary about a new form of hiphop called Nerdcore that follows MC Frontalot on his national tour….


13. Monster Camp – A documentary on Larping. If you can find it, it is absolutely surreal.


14. Dumbstruck – A documentary that follows the ventriloquism community for their annual Vent Haven convention… If my memory serves correct, this documentary also includes a ventriloquism wedding (of the puppets)…


15. Chasing Ghosts – Beyond the Arcade – This was similar to King of Kong and focused on the video game culture in the early 1980’s and Twin Galaxies. Definitely worth a watch. If the picture below won’t get you to watch, then I don’t know what to tell you.


16. Pulling John – I really don’t remember much of this one, but I had it on my list and I know it’s about arm wrestling.


17. Grizzly Man – The story of a man in Alaska who wanted to live amongst grizzly bears… This won at Sundance.


18. Who Killed the Electric Car – A documentary about the EV1, the first electric car made by GM and how they did everything in their power to sabotage it. It does a great job showing how dumb the American auto maker was (and still is).


19. Indie Game: The Movie – A great look at the world of creating independent games and some of the challenges designers face. It’s also interesting to follow up on the games featured and see what happened to them after they were released.


20. The People vs. George Lucas – A documentary on how George Lucas screwed up Starwars at the expense of making more money.


21. Food Inc. – A documentary that will make you rethink food.


22. The Short Game – A documentary about the 7-9 year old world golf championships. It made me angry because every one of those kids would beat me, but overall, a good documentary definitely worth watching.


23. Frisky Business – This is a British documentary on the largest online sex retailer in the country. I watched the entire series within 24 hours…. It was fascinating. I rated it 5 stars.



If you have any other great docs I should check out or any comments on any of ones listed above, please drop a note below.

The Mark Roehl Certified Netflix Documentary List – Part 1

As I’ve written before, I gave up cable television midway through 2012. The reasons for this were numerous, but mainly, I watched a lot of crappy tv and the prices kept going up. I currently get my television through Netflix, Amazon Prime or over the air (like our ancestors!!!).

As such, I’ve watched a lot of Netflix so I thought it would be helpful to list some of the better documentaries that I’ve seen and why I liked them. This list is not in any order other than I liked all of these. Also, please note, these often appear and disappear on Netflix so they all may not be available at the current time.

1. King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters – Perhaps the greatest documentary ever made. This follows various individuals as they go for the Donkey Kong world record. The people involved are infinitely fascinating and this movie has plenty of ‘wait a minute, did I just hear what I think I heard?’ moments. Unfortunately, this isn’t available for streaming at the current time but it should still be on any list of great docs.

kingof kong

2. Exit Through the Giftshop – This was created by the street artist Banksy and delivers in so many ways. Anything with people named Space Invader or Mr. Brainwash is going to have me interested. This chronicles famous street artists and is well worth your time. Unfortunately, this movie also isn’t available for streaming at the current time.


3. Jiro Dreams of Sushi – One of my favorite docs, this follows the story of an 85 year old man named Jiro who runs a Michelin rated sushi restaurant in Japan. The passion and dedication is legendary and was inspiring.


4. Somm – This documentary follows a few people who embark on their quest to pass the Master Sommelier exam. This exam is supposed to be crazy hard to pass as their are around 200 people worldwide who are certified. It was fascinating to watch people at the top of their game and all the preparation that went into this.


5. Bronies – This documentary is about adults (mostly male) who are obsessed with ‘My Little Pony.’ After watching this documentary, all I could say is ‘It really does take all kinds.’ The crazy factor is off the charts with this. I describe this as the movie that keeps on giving. I really really liked it.


6. Confessions of a Superhero – A documentary about the people who dress up as superheros in L.A..


7. Spirit of the Marathon – A must watch for any of the runners out there. Chronicles several people as they get ready for a marathon. It’s very inspirational.


8. Up for Grabs – This follows what happened with Barry Bonds 73rd home run ball…. one person caught it…. another ended up with it…. it’s much more bizarre than that.


9. Queen of Versailles – This follows one of the wealthiest familes in America as they build a ginormous house only to have the great recession cost them their fortune.


10. Exporting Raymond – What happens when you take one of the most successful television shows and try to bring it to Russia? This documentary follows Phil Rosenthal as he tries to do just that.


Look for part 2 coming soon. If you’d like to comment on any of the above documentaries, feel free to drop a note below.