Introducing Baby Leopold!

It’s hard to put into words how much losing Lillian affected me. The house seemed so empty…. as well as my heart. In January, my wife started looking for a new member of our family… not as a replacement for Lili, because that could never happen, but as a new member of the family.

We started out looking for a female blue weimaraner. We love the color. My wife found a breeder nearby with a blue girl (Pink)… However, when we got there, it was clear that Pink was very independent and curious. We already have Tobey, who is exactly those two things. The Duchess was on the hunt for a ‘snuggly puppy’. Fortunately, there was a baby boy who only wanted to be held. The bond was instant. We made a deposit and picked him up the next day. With that, I’d like to introduce Baby Leopold (Leo). It goes without saying that we’re smitten.


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To My Lilian

My beautiful sweet baby girl Lili passed away on Thursday. She was taken before her time, she was only 6.

Lili, I remember the first time I met you. It was June 6, 2009. You were this beautiful blue weimaraner puppy. I saw your beautiful mom and thought she was really cute… I mustered courage I usually don’t have and started a conversation. The next thing I knew, I had a play date for you and my weimaraner Tobey.

You and Sarah came over and I fell in love twice.

(Lili and Tobey in August of 2009)

I was going through so much having recently had my heart broken. You were the first soul after that I said ‘I love you’ to. I meant it. I told you before the woman who would become my wife.

As your mom and I got closer, you both moved in. It made the home complete. You were my Summer Girl. You brought so much energy and love. I was amazed everyday by something new. Whether it was how fast you learned the invisible fence, or how you sat like a person, how you hated stepping on wet grass, or how you would treat your brother as a pillow.

(Lili snuggling with Tobey)

When Sarah moved to West Virginia for residency, it was a relief for me knowing that you were there to protect her. I saw it first hand how fiercely protective you were of both of us. Nothing was ever going to happen to us with you around.

As you grew older, you became my confidant and friend. I loved snuggling with you or just talking to you. You would always check in to make sure everything was ok. When I was having a bad day, you would lick my face or start woo’ing or try to get in my lap. You had a way of knowing. I remember so much.


Lili, on Thursday, the unthinkable happened. Your kidneys stopped working suddenly and you passed from this world in your mom’s arms.  We’ve never felt so empty. It rained for two days straight afterwards. I think the earth was crying. I don’t think I’ve ever been this sad or heartbroken.

(Lilian and Sarah at Medvet)

I want you to thank you for changing my life and that you’ll never be forgotten and will live forever in our hearts.  Most of all, I want you to know much you were loved.

Lilian Scarlett 2009 – 2015.

Twitters Everyone Should Follow

Hi All,

It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve had time to write a blog post. Most of this is due to traveling work and being swamped both at the hotel and when I get back home.

Anyway, excuses aside, I’ve recently found Twitter. It’s awesome. Below are some great Twitter users that everyone should follow. If you want to follow me, I’m at @MarkTRoehl

@SimpsonsQOTD – Simpsons quote of the day. What else needs to be said. They also include a picture, which is awesome.

@arresteddev – The official twitter of the greatest show of all time (Arrested Development)

@_youhadonejob – You Had One Job. Funny fails with pictures.

@slmandel – Stewart Mandel – Former head Sports Illustrated college writer

@ExpCols – Experience Columbus – Tells fun stuff to do around the city

@Ken_Rosenthal – Baseball Analyst for Fox.

@11W – Eleven Warriors – Best site on the interwebs for OSU football news.

@OsuCoachCoombs – OSU Assistant Football Coach – King of the hashtag.

@KenTremendous  – Created of Parks and Rec, Moos from The Office and former writer from

@JimTressel5 – Twitter of the greatest coach ever to grace the sidelines at The Ohio State University

@Buster_ESPN – Buster Olney – ESPN Baseball Writer

@DOMTIBERI – Dom Tiberi – Best sports anchor in Columbus and an all-around great guy.

@BraxtonMiller5 – Braxton Miller – #QBgeddon!

@CJ12_ – Cardale Jones – #QBgeddon!

@JT_theQB4th – JT Barrett – #QBgeddon!

@JPosnanski – Joe Posnanski – The greatest sports writer on the planet.

@_FloridaMan – Florida Man – Because everything strange or macabre happens in Florida. One of my top 3 twitters

@ShitTats – Shit Tats – Speaks for itself. Pictures of really bad tattoos. 

@harlowandsage – Amazing pics of Harlow and Sage – Two great dog friends (and one is a weimaraner)

@MedievalReacts – This is hard to explain, but it’s medieval paintings told in the language of today. Absolutely hilarious.

If you have any other good Twitters to follow, drop a note in the comments.

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Reprint – A New Low for College Football and FSU

Editors note: This was originally posted on March 5, 2004 on my old blog (Tea and Strumpets or… the T&S for short). Since FSU is in the playoff tomorrow, I thought it may be a worth a reprint. Especially since FSU had some rape allegations of their own with their  qb Jameis Winston and this shows a lackluster institutional attitude that goes back years….


Oh, Hey Teens, Mark Roehl here. Some disturbing news in the world of college football has come to the forefront lately. As I’m sure most of the five people who read this column on a regular basis have heard, there have been some very serious rape and sexual assault allegations at the University of Colorado involving their football program and their recruiting process. In fact seven women have come forth and accused football players or football recruits of rape since 1997. It has also been alleged that the Colorado football coaches used strip clubs and sex parties as a recruiting tool to get highly touted high-school recruits to play football at the University. The scandal has large enough implications that the Colorado Attorney General is launching its own investigation into the matter.

One of the women who came forth with accusations of rape was former player Katie Hnida (Nee-Da) who was a kicker on the 1999 Colorado team coached by Gary Barnett. She has asserted that she was raped by a teammate in the summer of 2000. She also alleges that she was groped and touched inappropriately during practices and repeatedly called vulgar names while the coaches watched idly by. The T&S finds these allegations very disturbing and thinks that coach Gary Barnett should be outright fired and possibly jailed if the allegations that the coaches used sex parties and strip clubs as a tool to recruit high school prospects are true. No player deserves to be treated like that regardless of sex. While we’re not the biggest fans of woman playing sports (foxy boxing and mud wrestling excluded), Katie Hnida was a member of the team and she should have been treated as such. She was an all-county kicker and was offered a walk-on spot on the team by then-coach Rick Neuheisel so she obviously had enough talent for a division I coach to believe in her. I was embarrassed for Colorado when Gary Barnett responded to the rape allegations and the conduct by his players towards Hnida by saying “It was obvious Katie was not very good. She was awful,” he said. “Katie was not only a girl, she was terrible. OK? There’s no other way to say it.” His response was to blame the rape victim which shows not only that he is an a-hole, but also that he is in denial and doesn’t care about the well-being of his former players, the reputation of the school that he was representing, and that he is an insensitive jerk. His response can be interpreted as saying that it’s okay that she was raped because she wasn’t good at football and that kind of behavior cannot be tolerated.


Is Barnett Responsible for His Players and Coaches Actions?

While we are outraged by what happened at Colorado, we’re also outraged that Bobby Bowden, the coach of the Florida State Seminoles, has come to the defense of Gary Barnett and challenged the validity of Katie Hnida’s rape allegations (click here for the story). Bowden was quoted as saying “Gary Barnett simply told what he thought was the truth: She was not a very good player. Boy, that cost him. Fifty years ago, nobody would have even said a thing about that (comment).” Umm, Bobby, fifty years ago, no one said anything about blacks being segregated either but that didn’t make that right now did it. No one said anything about woman not having the same opportunity as men fifty years ago. Just because people would turn a blind eye in the past, doesn’t make it right or acceptable.


FSU Fans Have Another Reason to Hang Their Heads

In another quote, Robert (Bobby) Bowden directly questions the validity of Hnida’s statement by saying “I did not understand how a young lady can say she was abused, or whatever it was, two years later. At the time, why don’t you go report it? It seems like you ought to report it right (away). So it makes me say, ‘Well, did it really happen like that?’ I just don’t know.” Now here at the T&S, we don’t claim to be experts by any means, but studies have shown that after a rape, the victim feels embarrassed, scared, angry, and confused ( When asked why Katie didn’t go to the police after it happened, she responded “I was so scared of what he might do to me, and I didn’t want a huge media mess. I was already carrying around so much inside me, I was numb.” This is a completely understandable response given what happened; one that Bobby Bowden is too dense to accept. In an update on the comments, Bowden says that they were not about Hnida, but rather about another of the women who have accused the school of fostering an environment where this kind of behavior is tolerated. The newspaper stands by the original story that the comments were about Hnida. It really doesn’t matter which woman Bobby Bowden was talking about because the facts are the same on why women often times don’t come forth right away so the woman is a mute point. We at the T&S are proposing that society has passed Bobby Bowden and his antiquated views on women need to be dealt with by the Florida State University because comments like these are unacceptable. They are inexcusable after a tragedy like that has happened, but what more would you expect from a school that sends more players to jail than they do to the N.F.L. It’s time that society quits giving Bobby Bowden and Gary Barnett a free ride and begins to hold them accountable for not only their comments, but their actions as well. Gary Barnett should be fired immediately and Bobby Bowden should be put on probation and be required to take diversity training for his misguided comments.

As always, please feel to drop a comment below.