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Ohio State vs. Penn State Prediction

Let me start this week by saying I don’t like Penn State. They’re probably my least favorite team in the Big 10 and they have a deserved reputation as having the worst fans in the league. For an example, check out this video from 2007….

Personally, I hope Ohio State wins by 50 but that probably won’t happen. Penn State is coming off a huge win two weeks ago versus Michigan and had a bye last week to rest up and prepare. Ohio State on the other hand looked about as good on offense as they have all season versus Iowa. Unfortunately, the defense continued to be exposed against the pass. I’ve said all year that I don’t understand why the cornerbacks and safeties give a 10+ yard cushion to the opposing wide receivers on every play. It’s maddening to watch.

With that said, I really think Penn State is going to come out throwing the ball and it’s going to be up to Ohio State to stop it. I’m not sure Ohio State is up to the challenge. On the other side, I don’t think PSU’s defense can match up with Ohio State and Braxton Miller. For this, I think Ohio State wins, but not by more than 14. I think both teams will be able to move the ball down the field, but no way Penn State beats OSU on the road at night. I’ll be in attendance to hopefully witness the Buckeye victory!

OSU Pan1My seats from the 2010 PSU game (OSU 38…. PSU 14)

Line – Ohio State by 14.5

Over/Under – 56.5

This week Predictions – PSU covers and the Over

Last week – 1-1

Season – 5-6-1

Ohio State vs. Iowa Prediction


Well…. we’re six weeks in on my experiment on how I would do if I gambled on Ohio State for every game all season long. So far it continues to be a cautionary tale on the evils of sports betting. At the halfway mark, I’m a pathetic 4-5-1. Based on my understanding of vigs and whatnot, by the end of the season, I would need to have a winning percentage of around 56% to break even and 60% or above to make any money.

Before I make my OSU pick, I want to throw out there that I’m really excited about the Playoff Selection Committee and I think they scored a home-run by getting Condoleezza Rice on the committee.  I’m not sure the rationale of some people bashing having a woman participate. It’s 2013. I think we should have the smartest people who have a diverse background and know how to get things done. Judging on the interview by Sports Illustrated’s Stewart Mandel, she seems more qualified than most. She’s exactly the type of person that I want on a committee.

So this week Ohio State hosts the University of Iowa in Columbus. The line is that Ohio State will win by 17 points and the over/under is 55.5 total points. Both teams are coming off of a bye week so they should be well rested. The talk around Columbus is how great the Iowa defense is and how sloppy Ohio State played versus Northwestern. I think this game is going to be a low scoring game and Ohio State pulls out a comfortable victory, but I don’t think they win by 17 points.



So this happened in 2008. I don’t look prepared to
have my picture taken. Bad times.

Line – Ohio State by 17

Over/Under – 55.5

This week – Iowa covers and the Under

Last week – 0-2 (thanks to the last second touchdown by OSU)

Season – 4-5-1

Weekly OSU Post – Wisconsin

Since OSU had what amounted to a $79 per person practice last week, I refused to make picks. To close the book on this, FAMU pocketed $900,000 for being a punching bag for 60 minutes. OSU announced a crowd of 103,595, which means they made $8,184,005 on tickets (I’m not even going to factor in concessions, seat backs, merchandising, or parking). Take away the 800k OSU paid to FAMU and they made close to $7.4 million. I’m glad I sold my tickets. I think it’s egregious OSU put the careers of numerous players in jeopardy at the expense of money. This game offered no benefit to anyone but the bottom line and for this… Gene Smith needs to be fired.

This week OSU plays a real opponent in Wisconsin who is averaging a staggering 500+ yards per game. The lowest point total they’ve been held to in 4 games is 30 (OSU’s lowest total is 40). I think this favors the Over.

In terms of the actual game…. it’s a night game in Columbus which always provides an electric atmosphere. On top of that, Wisconsin has a first year coach and I don’t trust their quarterback. This game feels like it’s close throughout but Ohio State wins by 10.


Mark and Wisconsin Superfan in 2009 at the Varsity Club

Line – Ohio State by 7

Over/Under – 54

This week – Ohio State Covers and I’m taking the Over

Last week – See opening paragraph

Season – 3-3

If you have any thoughts on the FAMU debacle or predictions on Wisconsin, feel free to drop a note in the comment box below.