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Kinsale 4 Miler

Yesterday was the Kinsale 4 Miler in Powell, OH. This is the third year in a row that I’ve participated in the event. This year, my friend Riley also ran. Since the event is billed more of a fun run, I brought my weimaraner Tobey. This is one of my favorite events of the year…. Mainly because it’s only a few miles from my house, but I also like the free beer included with race entry and the post race concert. This year, the entertainment was the Naked Karate Girls, who are neither naked, do karate, or female. However, they do rock out.

Lately, Tobey and I have been having some great runs so I set a goal to run a sub-32 minute race. I think on normal conditions this would have been an attainable goal, however on race day, the weather called for 38 degrees with 20+ MPH winds so it was questionable if we’d hit our target. The race takes the runners through part of the Golf Village sub-division and then through 6 holes on the golf course. In the end, we had a great race but finished at 32 minutes and 04 seconds with Tobey pushing me the entire time (I think if we went the pace he wanted, we would have been sub-20 minutes). Judging from the splits, we would have made our goal but we started out slow due to congestion on the course. Either way, being 4 seconds off my goal isn’t too bad and I’m really proud of the performance and it’s always special to be able to run with Tobey.

splits(The numbers are slightly off because I forgot to
stop my watch at the finish-line)


After the race, I took Tobey home, changed, and headed back for the concert. Parking was much easier on the way back as a lot of the participants headed home. Once the concert started, NKG again proved why they are the best cover band in Ohio. The energy and crowd were awesome and I was incredibly glad that I signed up for the race. All-in-all, an amazing night.

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