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The Summer of No Cable – Update

After a month of no cable, I thought I would provide a quick update. I’ve been passing the time watching the mlb.tv package and have had a great opportunity to watch Mad Men. This has worked out better than I could have thought. The only shows that I miss watching are Futurama, Whale Wars and some of the History Channel shows (Big, Bigger, Biggest, Build it Bigger, etc.). I think the hard part will be in the fall with College Football, The League and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Hulu+ Update

I signed up for a month trial of Hulu+. I was amazed by the lack of shows that I wanted to watch. Most of the shows either weren’t available or were web only (most Fox shows). The best option was Tosh.0 and it’s certainly not $7.99 a month for one show. I’d be better off buying individual episodes on Amazon. Because of this, I canceled my account and am left with Netflix, HBO Go and MLB.tv.

What I’m Watching & Passing the Time With

Minnesota Twins Baseball – They currently sit with the worst record in the American League, I still can’t get enough. Watching Joe Mauer play on a daily basis is worth the price by itself.

Mad Men – Great dialog and great characters.  I’m currently through episode 9 of season 1.

Arrested Development – I just finished watching the entire series. I can’t wait to restart again. The greatest show ever made.

Running – I’ve set a yearly high for miles run in a month and there is still a week left. I’m excited to keep it going. I signed up for the CHA Dog Jog 5k on August 19th and am really looking forward to that.

Reading – I’m through the ‘Hunger Games’ and I recently bought a special edition of ‘A Farewell to Arms’ with all of the alternate endings Hemingway came up with before he got to the one he published with his original notes.

A Farewell to Arms: The Hemingway Library Edition