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Engagement Pictures – Tobey and Lillian Edition

My fiancee’ and I recently had an engagement session with our photographer Britt Lakin of Britt Lakin Photography. Since the weimaraners are what brought us together (we met at Alum Creek Dog Park), we thought it would be a good idea to start the session with the dogs. In the end, it didn’t work out as well as we expected because both of our dogs refuse to listen but Britt still managed to get some great pictures. As a reminder, Tobey is the Gray and Lillian is the Blue.

Also, quick update on Tobey after his surgery to remove seven tumors (All non-cancerous!)… he had his final set of staples removed on Tuesday so he is now clear to go through metal detectors and is doing well overall.

S&M WEB-16

The fam


This picture fully captures why the engagement
session was difficult with the weims


Tobey in all his glory

S&M WEB-10

Lillian being awesome

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Why Columbus is Awesome – The Watershed Distillery

I’ve been lucky enough to call Columbus, Ohio home since I arrived at The Ohio State University in 1997. From the time I arrived, I loved living in a mid-size city. It has most of the benefits of large cities (Broadway plays, top-tier entertainment and concerts, professional sports teams (if you count a team that has never won a playoff game…. yay Bluejackets)) without the drawbacks that plague larger cities such as traffic and crime. Some of my favorite things about Columbus include the Olentangy Trail for running, the Alum Creek Dog Park and the amazing restaurants.

Recently, I’ve stumbled upon another thing I’m a big fan of. The Watershed Distillery, located in the wonderful Grandview Heights. Founded in 2010 by two people my age, the Watershed Distillery distills four unique spirits: Vodka, Bourbon, Bourbon Barrel Gin and Four Peel Gin. I took a tour in late 2012 (Thanks Matty G.!) and came away impressed with the operation. The co-founder (Dave Rigo) gave the tour and was personable and insightful. If you are in the Columbus area, tours run $10 (including samples) and can be booked directly on their website http://www.watersheddistillery.com/. Next time you’re in the market for some solid spirits, support a small local business or the next time you’re looking for a unique experience, I recommend scheduling a tour.

IMG_20121219_165934If you know of other hidden gems in the Columbus area, feel free to drop a note in the comments section.

My Pups Think They’re People






I don’t think any blog can ever have enough Weimaraner pictures, so here are 7 or 8 of my weims Tobey (gray male) and Lili (blue female) trying t0 act like people.

385745_10150807660371492_31642771491_9522509_1718628955_nThe above photo was taken by a Graeters  employee at Dog’s Night Out at the Powell location. Tobey is ordering and Lillian is on lookout.

IMG_5335 IMG_5716IMG_20121216_162551The three pics above are Lillian sitting and laying like people. She’s done this since she was a puppy.

IMG_9443This is the Weims hogging the entire bed. They like laying under the covers with their heads sticking out.

IMG_20100807_180049This was taken at the Alum Creek Dog Park. Not sure what he saw on the tree, but if there were lower branches, I’m confident he would have climbed it.

IMG_20110413_183240Tobey looking out the window contemplating life

IMG_20111114_203010This was my finance’ studying for a major biochemistry exam. She started teaching the material to Tobey and he gave it his best shot trying to learn