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The Mark Roehl Certified Netflix Documentary List – Part 1

As I’ve written before, I gave up cable television midway through 2012. The reasons for this were numerous, but mainly, I watched a lot of crappy tv and the prices kept going up. I currently get my television through Netflix, Amazon Prime or over the air (like our ancestors!!!).

As such, I’ve watched a lot of Netflix so I thought it would be helpful to list some of the better documentaries that I’ve seen and why I liked them. This list is not in any order other than I liked all of these. Also, please note, these often appear and disappear on Netflix so they all may not be available at the current time.

1. King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters – Perhaps the greatest documentary ever made. This follows various individuals as they go for the Donkey Kong world record. The people involved are infinitely fascinating and this movie has plenty of ‘wait a minute, did I just hear what I think I heard?’ moments. Unfortunately, this isn’t available for streaming at the current time but it should still be on any list of great docs.

kingof kong

2. Exit Through the Giftshop – This was created by the street artist Banksy and delivers in so many ways. Anything with people named Space Invader or Mr. Brainwash is going to have me interested. This chronicles famous street artists and is well worth your time. Unfortunately, this movie also isn’t available for streaming at the current time.


3. Jiro Dreams of Sushi – One of my favorite docs, this follows the story of an 85 year old man named Jiro who runs a Michelin rated sushi restaurant in Japan. The passion and dedication is legendary and was inspiring.


4. Somm – This documentary follows a few people who embark on their quest to pass the Master Sommelier exam. This exam is supposed to be crazy hard to pass as their are around 200 people worldwide who are certified. It was fascinating to watch people at the top of their game and all the preparation that went into this.


5. Bronies – This documentary is about adults (mostly male) who are obsessed with ‘My Little Pony.’ After watching this documentary, all I could say is ‘It really does take all kinds.’ The crazy factor is off the charts with this. I describe this as the movie that keeps on giving. I really really liked it.


6. Confessions of a Superhero – A documentary about the people who dress up as superheros in L.A..


7. Spirit of the Marathon – A must watch for any of the runners out there. Chronicles several people as they get ready for a marathon. It’s very inspirational.


8. Up for Grabs – This follows what happened with Barry Bonds 73rd home run ball…. one person caught it…. another ended up with it…. it’s much more bizarre than that.


9. Queen of Versailles – This follows one of the wealthiest familes in America as they build a ginormous house only to have the great recession cost them their fortune.


10. Exporting Raymond – What happens when you take one of the most successful television shows and try to bring it to Russia? This documentary follows Phil Rosenthal as he tries to do just that.


Look for part 2 coming soon. If you’d like to comment on any of the above documentaries, feel free to drop a note below.

Excess & Amazon – A Guide to Some of My Favorite Orders of 2012

As 2012 comes to an end, I’d like to call special attention to my Amazon.com addiction. In 2012, I’ve compiled 137 physical Amazon orders up from 106 in 2011 (Note: this doesn’t include Android App purchases, MP3 downloads or Kindle ebook purchases). Thankfully, I’m a member of Amazon Prime Student which gets me free two day shipping on all orders for only $39 a year. To say I get my money’s worth is an understatement like saying Adrian Peterson is a decent running back. Anyway, below are some of my better orders of the year.

Nyko Bluetooth Playpad – $29.99

Why is it awesome? Easy. Since I have an Android Tablet (Google Nexus 10), I purchased an app called Nes.Emu which allows me to play old school Nintendo games on the tablet. The problem is that it’s really hard to play tapping on the screen each time I want to hit the ‘A’ or ‘B’ button. That’s where the Nyko Bluetooth controller comes in. It’s not the greatest controller in the world, but I’ve been playing RBI Baseball like a champ and my finance’ has been tearing up Super Mario 3. This was definitely worth the $30.


Only the greatest game ever

Special K Cereal (Vanilla Almond) – $14-15 for a 4 Pack

Yes, I’ve taken to buying food off of Amazon… why you may ask? Well, a couple of reasons, first and foremost, it’s often times cheaper than going to the store. Secondly, they’ll deliver it to my house for free. In true Amazon fashion, the price of the cereal jumps around daily so they key similar to stock picking…. buy low. This is usually in the $14-15 range for a 4 pack.

Special K Cereal, Vanilla Almond, 17.5-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4)


Candy Cigarettes – $7-8

As a child, I remember going to the drug store with my Grandpa and he would let us get the coolest candy. I remember getting bubble gum cigars, candy cigarettes or the gum that was rock-hard that came in Topps wax packs. Amazon somehow sells an entire case of candy cigarettes (24 packs) for $7-8 dollars. I saw these at the North Market in Columbus for a dollar a pack. Another thing I remember my grandpa buying for me (other than thousands and thousands of baseball cards) were the Clown Cones sold at Baskin Robbins. Note to self, make a 2013 resolution about trying to find out of Baskin Robbins still sells Clown Cones.

Candy Cigarettes


Pinball Lights – $3-8

The greatest thing that I own is an electro-mechanical pinball machine called Cross-Town built in 1966 and passed down from my dad. This actually warrants a dedicated post in the future to how awesome it is.  Anyway, since it’s an older machine that is totally mechanical, it’s hard to get parts and service so I was amazed when I went looking for light bulb replacements to find them on Amazon for super-cheap. This is the beauty of Amazon, they have nearly everything.

Eiko - 47 Mini Indicator Lamp - 6.3 Volt - 0.15 Amp - T3.25 Bulb - Miniature Bayonet Base - 10 Pack


Cast Iron Tea Pot – $30-40

After having a great dinner at Molly Woo’s at Polaris, my finance’ commented how she really liked the cast-iron tea pot that the restaurant used to serve tea. The waiter mentioned that they buy them from Teavania (now a Starbucks company). Since there was a location in the mall, we headed over after dinner only to find that the tea pot retailed for close to $130. A quick search on Amazon found nearly the same thing for $33. This made for a great birthday present for her.



If you have any great deals or highly recommended products, feel free to leave a note in the comments.

Potential Future Posts – Whiskey Balls, Xbox Game Reviews, More Weimaraner Pictures, Cross-Town Pinball