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Hidden Gems from Google Music

Google Music is by far my favorite music service. It blows Pandora out of the water because I can see the next 20 songs that will play (and adjust accordingly), rewind music, and even listen to individual songs or albums. Similar to Pandora, the User can create unique stations off an artist or individual song. I have a station created off of ‘The Little Old Lady From Pasadena’ by the Beach Boys. Growing up, my mom always listened to oldies so I began to like them as well. Below are two of the most random things I’ve seen so far….

The first is the album art for the song ‘Little Darlin’ by ‘The Diamonds’ (YouTube).


If you look close, the guy on top is totally about to shoot the other band member in the head… This is insane on so many levels. Could you imagine being in the meeting when they were trying to figure out what pose they should do for the album cover? Who could have thought this was a remotely good idea. Anyway, I laugh every time I look at the picture.

The second thing I’ve come across is an album called ‘Jan and Dean Meet Batman‘ (only $9.49 for the full album on Amazon). You may know Jan and Dean from the songs ‘Little Deuce Coupe’ or ‘Dead Man’s Curve’ and you probably know Batman from being Batman. This is a worse spin-off than when the Globetrotters would visit Gilligan’s island and probably rivals the Starwars Christmas Special in terms of things that should never have happened.


Anyway, I thought both of these were pretty funny so I wanted to write a quick post.

If you know of any crazy albums or album art, definitely drop a note in the comments below.