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The Great Joe Posnanski

My favorite writer is the great Joe Posnanski. He could write about a chemistry competition and make it sound interesting. I love that he grew up in Cleveland and still harbors all the heartbreak of 50+ years of being without a championship. I also like how I agree with almost his entire philosophy when it comes to Baseball and advanced statistics (everyone who likes baseball should be lucky enough to read this book). In his previous role as senior writer for Sports Illustrated and current role as Senior Writer for NBC Sports, we’re lucky enough to have him write about a wide variety of sports. If you count his blog, almost no topic is outside of what he’ll write about.

My favorite Joe posts are on his blog when he writes about either nerdy baseball topics (WAR vs. traditional stats) and when he writes about life. It sounds cliche, but I’ve saved a few of his articles in my RSS feed that I feel everyone should read. In a way, I hope my writing can achieve a small part of what he accomplished. With that said, I encourage anyone reading this blog to check out these links and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

1.Fifteen Years – An article about being married 15 years to his wife Margo. I love when he writes about non-sports and I wish I could be this articulate about events in my life.

2. The heart of Los Angeles – A great article about the incomparable Vin Scully.

3. The Biggest Winner – An article about Rulon Gardner and what inspiration in sports means.

4. Home in Capital Letters – There was a time when I thought I would be moving from Columbus. I specifically saved this article because it resonated with how I feel about the city. If I ever leave Columbus, this will be the first article I read to try to capture how I feel about leaving my adopted hometown.

5. Katie the Prefect – I know I’ve said all these articles are brilliant… this is an article about taking his daughter Katie Universal Studios to Harry Potter World and how the smallest deeds can have the biggest influences.

If you have any authors who have had a positive influence in your life or want to drop a note about Joe Posnanski, feel free to use the comment box below.