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What’s New with Mark?

I’m continuously amazed how fast life can go sometimes. I was listening to the great Dr. Drew the other day and he mentioned how the only universal constant between any culture at any time was that the older the person got, the faster time seemed to go. The last couple of weeks have flown by. The Better Half and I had our engagement pictures taken a few weekends ago and they came out Amazing. Britt Larkin did an amazing job and we even have some pictures with the Weims.

In major news for me, I’ve purchased a new car. My existing Camry has over 192,000 miles on it so it’s definitely time to upgrade. One of the things I remember my grandpa telling me was that he never had a new car. Now this isn’t the full truth because he bought many new cars over his lifetime, but all of them would go to my grandma. This isn’t a surprise considering my Grandfather was the most amazing person I’ve ever known. I’m sure he always wanted my Grandma to have the latest safety enhancements and to not have her worry about the car breaking down. I think the same way but I always remembered him telling me. I think because of this, I want to purchase my own new car before I get married. I purchased the Consumer Reports winner of the mid-size car with the lowest cost of ownership… the Toyota Camry Hybrid. I’m really really excited. I pick up the car tomorrow. It’s supposed to have 4 miles on it, which is crazy. This will be the third most expensive purchase of my life (2 previous houses being numbers 1 & 2). I’ve already come up with an awesome name for the car. Since it’s a hybrid and relies on the battery, I’m going to name him Wattson. More on this to come.

Lastly, my desktop recently crashed so I was scrambling to purchase a new machine. I chose to purchase a laptop because I like the portability. I bought an Amazon Warehouse Deal for a Samsung ultrabook, which means it was a return, but was 50% of the price of the exact machine new. I couldn’t be happier with what I received. Everything I received was in pristine condition other than the original packaging. Thanks to Carbonite, I didn’t lose a single file and moving everything to the new computer was seamless. I could not recommend Carbonite more.