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Weekly OSU Post – Wisconsin

Since OSU had what amounted to a $79 per person practice last week, I refused to make picks. To close the book on this, FAMU pocketed $900,000 for being a punching bag for 60 minutes. OSU announced a crowd of 103,595, which means they made $8,184,005 on tickets (I’m not even going to factor in concessions, seat backs, merchandising, or parking). Take away the 800k OSU paid to FAMU and they made close to $7.4 million. I’m glad I sold my tickets. I think it’s egregious OSU put the careers of numerous players in jeopardy at the expense of money. This game offered no benefit to anyone but the bottom line and for this… Gene Smith needs to be fired.

This week OSU plays a real opponent in Wisconsin who is averaging a staggering 500+ yards per game. The lowest point total they’ve been held to in 4 games is 30 (OSU’s lowest total is 40). I think this favors the Over.

In terms of the actual game…. it’s a night game in Columbus which always provides an electric atmosphere. On top of that, Wisconsin has a first year coach and I don’t trust their quarterback. This game feels like it’s close throughout but Ohio State wins by 10.


Mark and Wisconsin Superfan in 2009 at the Varsity Club

Line – Ohio State by 7

Over/Under – 54

This week – Ohio State Covers and I’m taking the Over

Last week – See opening paragraph

Season – 3-3

If you have any thoughts on the FAMU debacle or predictions on Wisconsin, feel free to drop a note in the comment box below.

2012 OSU Football – Undefeated – A Year in Pictures

The 2012 OSU Football season wasn’t supposed to be anything special. It was the first year of the Urban Meyer who came in replacing the most accomplished OSU coach since Woody Hayes. Due to some horrible decisions, the team was on a self-imposed bowl ban (Athletic Director Gene Smith should be fired for this) so realistic expectations were to set the team up for a success in 2013 and, of course, beat Michigan.

I was lucky enough to purchase season tickets from a wonderful friend and was able to attend nearly every home game. Some highlights from the year before I link to the photos….

  • Braxton Miller was amazing. I was in awe multiple times per game. I can’t wait to see the progress he makes in the off-season  He can be a beast in 2013.
  • TBDBITL (The Best Damn Band In The Land) really stepped up their game this year under the new band director Jonathan Waters. Instead of lame tributes to John Williams, halftime became must-see events. The halftime show at the Nebraska night game is legendary (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngjcAvg6TYg )
  • When Urban was hired, he vowed to ‘Make the Great State of Ohio Proud’…. in year one, this was a resounding success.
  • It is unfortunate that Gene Smith was so incompetent in his role as athletic director by imposing the bowl ban this year instead of on last years 6-6 team. This was the wrong choice for a lot of reasons… the first and most important is that this team didn’t feature any of the players that got OSU into the mess in the first place. They all left OSU after last year. Second, why jeopardize tomorrow for today. When you are running a $100+ million dollar organization, that line of thinking is inexcusable.
  • I don’t care how bad the Big 10 is this year, OSU deserves to be ranked #2 in the country. They went undefeated in a major conference. This team reminds me of the 2002 OSU National Championship team in that they do whatever it takes to win. Some teams just have that ability. I would have loved to see them play in a BCS game.

Anyway, my photo album is located at: 2012 OSU Football Pictures