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My Pups Think They’re People






I don’t think any blog can ever have enough Weimaraner pictures, so here are 7 or 8 of my weims Tobey (gray male) and Lili (blue female) trying t0 act like people.

385745_10150807660371492_31642771491_9522509_1718628955_nThe above photo was taken by a Graeters ¬†employee at Dog’s Night Out at the Powell location. Tobey is ordering and Lillian is on lookout.

IMG_5335 IMG_5716IMG_20121216_162551The three pics above are Lillian sitting and laying like people. She’s done this since she was a puppy.

IMG_9443This is the Weims hogging the entire bed. They like laying under the covers with their heads sticking out.

IMG_20100807_180049This was taken at the Alum Creek Dog Park. Not sure what he saw on the tree, but if there were lower branches, I’m confident he would have climbed it.

IMG_20110413_183240Tobey looking out the window contemplating life

IMG_20111114_203010This was my finance’ studying for a major biochemistry exam. She started teaching the material to Tobey and he gave it his best shot trying to learn