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Fun with Lawn Mowing Patterns

Since I still don’t know what the purpose of this blog is, I thought I would dedicate a post to some of the various lawn patterns that I have mowed in the back yard.

First off, I really like mowing the lawn. It serves a several purposes for me. First off all, it serves as a source of pride. My grandfather always took a lot of pride in his lawn and that has carried down to me. Given the fact that I have two large dogs, I’ll probably never have the best lawn on the block, but I can always have it mowed and kept up. Secondly, it is strangely cathartic to mow the lawn. I usually put on some music or a podcast and enjoy the hour.

To my friends, it is fairly well known that I have no artistic ability. I can’t draw, can’t sing and I definitely can’t dance. Perhaps mowing patterns in the lawn is as artistic as I can get. With that said, I present various lawn mowing patterns.



Stripes (if only I could mow in straight lines)




1/2 and 1/2