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Photography and Some of My Favorite Pictures

Let me start out by saying that I really like taking taking pictures. I like having visual memories and I like the idea of being able to develop prints I’ve taken that would be cool in a frame or hung on a wall. My wonderful fiance’ even went as far to buy me a self-help book on digital photography. I haven’t been as studious as I would like, but I think I have made improvements. With that said, below are some of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken. For this post, I’m not going to include any dogs, as that will be a separate post in the future.

The first picture was taken in Aruba. I was lucky enough to get the lizard looking directly at me. I love the look on his face…. almost like he’s smirking at the camera.

IMG_0072(click the picture to embiggen)

This picture was taken in New Orleans. Ironically, we were there for a pharmaceutical clinical meeting. On this picture, I like the timeless feel. When I look at it, this could be from 1955 or 2012. I also like the connection to why we were in New Orleans.

IMG_0397(Click the picture to embiggen)

I think this could be my favorite picture (non-family) that I’ve ever taken. This was again in Aruba on Flamingo Beach. The picture captures the flamingo in motion and captures the pure blue of the water. I have this as the background on my Nexus 10 and I’ve noticed that the water is so clear that there are at least 2 or 3 fish that are captured in this picture.

IMG_0120(Click the picture to embiggen)

This picture was also taken in New Orleans. It was shot in black and white. This was a really fun street performance. I wasn’t sure when the next time I’d get to see someone playing the washboard. Stay tuned for more from this group in the favorite dog picture post.

IMG_0427(Click the picture to embiggen)

If you have any pictures you love or want to weigh in on any of mine, feel free to drop a note in the comments section.