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Ohio State vs. Penn State in Pictures!

One of my favorite Ohio State games that I’ve had the pleasure to attend was October 30, 2010 at the University of Minnesota. If I remember correctly, the the game wasn’t particularly close and the outcome was never in doubt (after looking it up, OSU won 52-10). What made the game stand out was how much fun the Minnesota student section was having. The majority came in costume and cheered and danced and had a wonderful time despite their team getting crushed. It was exactly what the college football atmosphere is supposed to be.

IMG_9093This picture was taken about 30 minutes before kickoff in 2010

Fast forward to this year, the University of Minnesota had a noon kickoff versus the University of Nebraska. I watched part of the game on tv. Again, it looked like many fans were dressed up, including Goldy Gopher in the coolest mascot costume of the year (pictured below).


Back in June, one of my gifts to my groomsmen was that I would take them to an OSU game of their choice. Jonny-boy quickly took the Penn State game on the last Saturday before Halloween. When we were discussion our plan for the game, I told him how awesome it was in Minnesota with everyone dressed up and he was very quickly convinced that costumes were the way to go.

After more planning than I care to mention, we decided on Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas in their orange and blue tuxedos from the Dumb and Dumber movie. After a bunch of research, we found a set on Amazon and were good to go. I can honestly say this was one of the best times I’ve had at an OSU game. Below are the pictures with quick descriptions.

20131026_173733Me in my Harry Dunne outfit. I was in such a
hurry that I left my cane at home. Not smart
on my part

IMG_2112We parked and had a fellow Buckeye fan take a picture
of us posing in our costumes. We added the Buckeyes to make
sure everyone knew what team we were for

IMG_2114Our first view of Ohio Stadium. It looks absolutely
beautiful draped against the sunset. One of my favorite
places on earth

IMG_2116Since I forgot my cane, I needed a prop so we made
IOU’s all night since they’re as good as cash!

IMG_2118People were constantly asking for pictures with us

IMG_2130Our seats in the stadium. The seats were in the front row under the
press box so I’m sure we can be unintentionally seen in lots of pictures

IMG_2140After the game, we found the only other OSU fan with a costume

As I mentioned, we only saw one other fan in costume, which was a disappointment. We had a blast and hope we started a trend at Ohio State. In the end, the game turned into an afterthought because I got my wish and Ohio State won by 49 points. For anyone thinking of dressing up to next year’s Halloween game…. I’d recommend the words of Harry Dunne…. “Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!”

If you have any thoughts on the costume or want to drop an idea for a costume for next year, please use the comment box below.

Weekly OSU Post – FAMU Outrage

First let me say that I hate to even acknowledge the Ohio State game this weekend. I don’t plan to attend or even watch on television (which is unheard of for me). I lived in Tallahassee for 8 years and during that time I never paid the minuscule $5 to see FAMU play in person. It’s beyond egregious that Ohio State expects me to pay a $79 face value (plus $8 per seat cushion per game) to watch what amounts to a scrimmage versus a good high school team.

I find it insulting that Ohio State will jack up prices for the ‘premium’ game of Wisconsin (face value went up to $110 a ticket) but won’t reduce the price of what amounts to a walk-through. This is another example of why Gene Smith should be fired (besides throwing Tressel under the bus, but that’s another post…. tat-gate happened under his watch and he has always refused taking accountability). This game reinforces the belief that colleges are only interested in making money at the expense of their student athletes.

To show what a joke this week is, Ohio State opened as a 59.5 favorite. I can’t even comprehend what this number is and I’m insulted that Ohio State is wasting their time with this game while still maintaining that they are interested in advancing student-athletes. This week I’m refusing to make picks or predictions and only hope for no OSU injuries.


My wife and I at the OSU vs Navy game (a division 1 opponent)

This week – No Picks

Last week – 1-1

Season – 3-3

If you want to complain about the game or Gene Smith, feel free to drop a note in the comments

Pryor… Really?

OSU just lost to Purdue… I’ve already received numerous text about how Tressel should give up playcalling and whatnot…  That wasn’t my problem with the coaching. My problem was leaving Pryor in the game. At one point, he had fumbled 3 times (2 lost) and thrown 2 interceptions… that’s 4 turnovers by one player… and yet Tressel kept putting him back on the field. I said at halftime that Bauserman should start the first series of the second half, then turn it back over to Pryor…

There’s no question that he has ability, but how long can Ohio State keep waiting for that ability to come to fruition?… there are a lot of players at Ohio State who have tremendous ability… Duron Carter is going to be a superstar, but it wouldn’t  be appropriate for Ohio State to thrust him into the #1 receiver role… the same thing should happen with Pryor… Bauserman should get an opportunity… if he excels, then Pryor should sit back and develop during practice rather than losing to one of the worst teams in the Big 10.

In Tressel I Trust

Here in Columbus there has been a crazy amount of backlash against Jim Tressel after the loss to USC, which happened to be the 5th in a row against a top 5 opponent for The Ohio State University.

Before everyone starts jumping the gun and turning on the greatest coach OSU has ever had… let’s take a quick look at his accomplishments. He owns Michigan, which is far and away the most important game for OSU. In 8 years, he’s 7-1 and has played in 3 national championship games. Who could OSU possibly get that would do a better job? I was talking to Smalls last week and he mentioned that if he were Tressel, his quote would be… “I can get Coach Cooper back on phone with one call… is that what you want?”

People have been spoiled with success and have unreasonable expectations. After winning 4 Big 10 championships in a row, people expect more, which is crazy. Tressel graduates players, the team plays hard, recruits well, and is without question, the best coach for the job.

Go Bucks, beat Toledo…