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Passive Aggressive Jade Plant



I was walking around the other day at work and there was a vacant area of the floor with a very nice jade plant. Since there was clearly no one sitting there, I didn’t want the plant to die so I took it over to our area of the floor so we could water it and whatnot.

After a few days, the plant disappeared and we found this note. The passive-aggressiveness made my day.


If you have any thoughts on the note, feel free to drop a note below.

Signs and Grammar

After seeing the Midget Leprechaun Wrestling sign yesterday, it got me thinking about other great signs I’ve seen in and around Columbus. Below are some of my favorites.

This was seen at Gameworks at Easton. Not sure how this one got past quality control…. I never did get around to checking out the Golf Simulator.


This picture makes me sad because it was taken at China Market located in the famous North Market. At the time, the Chinese restaurant had the best Pad Thai in the city. Unfortunately, they got shut down for various reasons and now there is a void in my heart from missing out on their Pad Thai.


The last picture is from Lin’s Wok in Powell. I’m guessing the owner isn’t a people person. The food is pretty darn good though.


If you have seen any signs you like, please feel free to leave a note in the comments.