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Random 11pm on a Thursday Post

I often struggle with what I want this blog to be. I think what I’ve come up with is sometimes I want to write an article or share something that’s longer than a Facebook or Google+ post. Other times I want to share a thought or pictures.

With that said, today was a really neat day that I want to remember. It started by reading an amazing article by my favorite writer, Joe Posnanski celebrating 15 years of marriage. The article is here:


I can’t recommend it enough. I’m currently a few weeks away from getting married and I couldn’t help but think my future bride and get excited as I read it.

When I got home, I was so tired. It’s been a long week. As life can be at times, there are are a million things to do and only 24 hours in the day. I knew I needed to go for a run, but just couldn’t muster the energy. I eventually rallied and ended up with one of the best runs Tobey and I have ever had. The run seemed effortless and the splits were crazy-fast for us.


After the run, Tobey was out like a light and laid next to me on the couch as we watched the Twins lose to the Royals. We also dual-tasked (a lesser form of multi-tasking) and caught up on Mad Men and watched the Parks and Rec with the Leslie and Ben marriage episodes. I’m tempted to watch my favorite movie of all time (Juno), but it’s already 11:30.

I know this is kind of a random post so if you have any special days you wish to share or any favorite Ron Swanson quotes, feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Life Without Cable – Early Spring Edition

It’s been almost a year since I gave up cable. In that time, I’ve saved nearly $70 a month, which brings my savings up to nearly $600. A sizable number for sure. Periodically, I write about how I’m passing the time without cable. This is the Winter/Early Spring edition.

NCAA March Madness – Name the only university who has made the sweet sixteen the last four years….? If you guessed The Ohio State University, then you got it right! This year’s tournament has been stellar for the Scarlet and Gray. I had nearly given up on this team after the horrible Wisconsin loss on February 17 (Wisc. 71, OSU 49)…. Instead of giving up after that loss, the team has gone undefeated and played their best basketball of the year. For the fourth consecutive year, I have picked OSU to win my bracket. Unlike previous years, I have absolutely no shot winning unless OSU  holds up their end of the bargain. Tip off is 7:45pm on Thursday versus Arizona on TNT. This is the first time where not having cable will affect my plans. I’ll be headed to a sports bar to watch the game.


House of Cards – Netflix – Just an amazing show. Well written with amazing acting. Currently, I’m at episode 10 and I am all-in. This show is absolutely HBO-esque. Paying $7.99 a month for Netflix is the bargain of the year! I’d put this show on par with Mad Men and Breaking Bad.


NCAA 2k13 – Xbox 360 – I don’t know why I’m so hooked on this game, but I can’t stop playing. I’m past the dynasty mode and now have created a player and I’m working on getting them to the hall of fame. In year two I won the NBA championship! In year 3, my player is averaging 23+ points a game. Another great NBA game by 2K sports. If only they didn’t crap the bed with their MLB game…. Again.


Running – As I previously wrote about, I’ve really kicked running into high gear. Tobey and I are averaging over 4o miles a month and our average mile time has dropped to the low 9’s. There isn’t much I like more in life than running with Tobey.


If you have any recommendations for life without cable or any comments, please drop a note in the comments.

Amazing Sunset and the Need for a Watch-Camera

As I was on my run tonight with my weimaraner Tobey, I literally had to stop on the way back to admire the sunset. It was an incredible shade of red, unlike any sunset I’ve ever seen in Powell or Ohio. It looked like there was a huge fire in the distance illuminating the sky. I wish I had my camera to take a picture… unfortunately, like most runners, I don’t carry one with me when I run. Instead, I use a small mp3 player and wear a GPS watch… This got me thinking…. with how small cameras have become, why don’t they make a watch with picture taking capabilities…. Garmin, Motorola, Nike… I’m calling you out and giving you my idea for free…. Someone needs to make this happen. Anyway, below is a picture of the sunset taken from a moving car about 10 minutes too late.


If you know of a watch-camera or have any other crazy ideas, please feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Run in a Million

As I think I’ve written before, I enjoy running. Most of the time, I enjoy running with my Weimaraner Tobey. I’m not a great runner, but that’s the beauty of running. The runner gets out of it what they put in. I run for a variety of reasons. The first and foremost is probably to wear out Tobey. The thing with a weimaraner is that if they don’t get stimulation, they will make up their own. Usually at the expense of household items being destroyed. Additionally, I’m trying to stay in shape and lose some weight in the process.

(Mark & Tobey During at the 2008 Dog Jog)

So far in 2012, I’ve gone on 56 runs anywhere from less than 2 miles up to slightly over 5. In the past few weeks, I’ve been stuck in a rut and been unable to make it past to the 4 mile barrier. Yesterday, I had one of those amazing memorable runs where everything clicks and I passed the 4 mile mark. The run today was even better. And to cap it off, the run yesterday was a run that won’t soon be forgotten.

7/25/12 Run

The run started at around 8pm on a day when the high temperature was over 90 degrees. Thankfully, the sun was behind the trees and there was plenty of light.  The run started good on a familiar a familiar route along the train tracks towards the local downtown. Lately, the rabbits have been extremely bold along the route. Their routine is to sit along the trail and act like there are no threats in the world, which in turn, drives Tobey and me insane. Tobey because he can’t chase them and me because Tobey keeps pulling me.

Within the first half mile, we came across a rabbit and I instantly let Tobey off leash to try send a stern message to the entire rabbit community. Tobey was off like a flash and had the rabbit running for it’s life. Unfortunately, there is a fence separating the trail from the railroad tracks and the rabbit escaped fairly easily. At this point, I got Tobey on the leash and while he was focused on the scent of the adult rabbit, a baby rabbit was literally within 3 feet of him. We kept running and he never saw it.

While Tobey was still on the scent of the adult rabbit, I looked at the train tracks no more than 15 feet away and in my amazement saw an adult doe. It was awesome to be that close. At this point, Tobey finally looked up and his instinct fully kicked in (Weimaraners were originally bred to take down large animals such as bears). I stopped running and there was an intense stare-down between the doe and Tobey that lasted for at lease 3 minutes before the Doe ran off into the sunset.

At this point, it was exhilarating to have been that close to a wild animal. I know how stupid that must sound, but that was a decent sized deer. Tobey and I continued on to the turnaround point at a 9:45 per mile pace. Not fast, but steady. We stopped for a few minutes for water and started heading home. However, after a quarter of a mile something amazing happened.

As we were running back, I looked across the street and saw an amazing Doe and two baby deer. Tobey was pretty tired, but definitely had the eye of the tiger. We were probably 20-30 feet away from them all at this point and it was so cool to see  the mom giving signals to the children with her tail. We stayed and had a second stare-down for at least 5 minutes before the deer headed back into the forest.

After this, I was rested and energized and to close a long story, completed the run at 4.08 miles.  The splits were:

1 4:58.1 0.50 9:56
2 4:51.0 0.50 9:42
3 4:47.8 0.50 9:36
4 4:52.4 0.50 9:45
5 4:55.7 0.50 9:51
6 4:36.7 0.50 9:13
7 4:39.3 0.50 9:19
8 4:31.7 0.50 9:03

7/26/12 Run

Today’s goal was to do a short follow-up on the momentum from yesterday. I wanted to do anywhere from 2-3 miles. However, after I got to a mile I thought it best to just keep going. In the end, I made it 4 miles in 35:12, which is under a 9 minute average.

On the cool down, Tobey and I were walking the neighborhood and there as an Indian child playing on a tricycle on the sidewalk unsupervised. When he saw Tobey and I walking up he immediately started crying because a dog was coming and ran out into the middle of the street to get away. I thought that was really funny. In the end, I’m excited about where I’m at and can’t wait to run again soon (taking tomorrow off so Saturday).

1 4:45.7 0.50 9:31
2 4:47.8 0.50 9:36
3 4:44.6 0.50 9:29
4 4:27.5 0.50 8:55
5 4:23.9 0.50 8:48
6 4:21.3 0.50 8:43
7 4:11.8 0.50 8:24
8 3:57.5 0.50 7:55