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Photography and Some of My Favorite Pictures – Dog Edition

I previously posted some of my favorite photographs that I’ve taken. I’m extremely passionate about dogs so a disproportionate amount of my pictures involve them. For this post, I’m going to include some of my favorites. I hope to have another post in the future with my favorite pictures of my weimaraners (Tobey and Lillian).

The first picture was taken at the CHA Dog Jog. I had hurt my ankle so I couldn’t participate in the race so I took my camera. This picture is of my co-workers son Ben and their dog Tucker. I like how this picture captures the dog mimicking the human and makes us wonder what are they looking at that is so fascinating?

IMG_8877(Click to embiggen)

The second picture is of my future father-in-law and my puppy Lillian running the 2012 CHA Dog Jog. This was taken at COSI on the Scioto River. I’m not sure if this picture was taken by me or my finance’, but it turned out awesome. I like how the subjects are perfectly centered and the lighting is perfect.

IMG_1399(Click to embiggen)

The next two pictures were taken in New Orleans on Royal street. The street performers had a big crowd and put on a great show, but the puppy found a warm soft spot and was out cold.

IMG_0420 IMG_0419(Click to embiggen)

The next picture was also taken in New Orleans. I was on my own checking out Bourbon and Royal Street and I came upon two people who I think were homeless. They were almost dragging the puppy because it was so tired. Eventually, one of them picked up the dog and threw it on his shoulder like a backpack. The situation broke my heart but I came away with a picture that I’m really proud of.

IMG_0418(Click to embiggen)

The final picture is one I took in the Hocking Hills on a trip I took with my finance’ to celebrate our engagement. We were on a hike and we stopped to let the dogs play. I was following behind and I took this shot of her and Lillian resting. I really like the vibrant colors and how serene and peaceful they look.

IMG_0235(Click to embiggen)

If you have any pictures you love or want to weigh in on any of mine, please drop a note in the comments section.