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Internet Commentors are Awesome! Twins Edition

First let me say, I love the internet. I think we all do. What I don’t like is whenever someone expresses anĀ opinionĀ  there are instantly trolls who try to argue and insult. I just received the below comment on my rant about how Burt Blyleven is a horrible announcer (I’m currently watching the Twins game, but listening to the Baltimore announcers because I can’t handle the same catch phrases over and over again… I get it… people get circled). Anyway, the comment made me literally laugh out loud because I could do a better job than Burt. Coomer did a better job in the series in Boston. Tom Kelly does a better job any time he subs in. As I’m listening to this, the Baltimore announcers are more enjoyable than Burt. My point is still valid, that rejecting advanced statistics and railing against them shows how out of touch Blyleven is. I really don’t care if he’s replaced, because with the MLB package, I can always listen to the visitors feed, or on certain days, I can listen to Dan Gladden on the radio feed while watching the video feed.

Anyway, I thought the comment was hilarious.


If you want to rip into me for anything I’ve written without actually reading it (My entire point was without advanced statistics, Burt Blyleven never would have been elected to the hall of fame), feel free to drop a note in the comments.