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Tobey Surgery & Update

Yesterday I took Tobey into the vet to have 7 tumors removed (all turned out non-cancerous) and to have his teeth properly cleaned and examined. The surgery for the tumors went well at first and all incisions were done without exterior stitches or staples. The tooth exam went a little worse. He had one tooth that was fractured and needed to be extracted so I had that done.

All-in-all, things went really well and were positive until he started waking up. He became obsessed with licking the wounds and banging around in the crate. In fact, he reopened three of the incisions to the point where the doctor ended up using staples to ensure the wound didn’t worsen and to stop the bleeding.

Tobey was really excited to see me and anxious to get home. This was the second time that he ever rode in the new car…. unfortunately for me, there was still a little bit of blood coming from the newly opened incisions and he ended up getting some blood on the seats. Thankfully, the seats are leather so I was able to clean it up, but I still managed to get flustered by the entire ordeal and have a decent amount of anxiety.

Since he was licking so much, I had to go to Petpeople to get him a soft-cone. The vet had provided a hard-cone, but it wasn’t working for him. He was literally bumping into everything. The sales person was wonderful and helped fit Tobey for the right size and make sure it was set up properly.

Today he’s been much better and I haven’t used the soft-cone at all. He also his energy back and is constantly wanting to go outside and play. It’ll still be 10-14 days before we can get the staples out and start running again. Pictures are below.


This is Tobey after reopening the wounds. You can see the shaved skin and some powder the doctor put on to help stop the bleeding.

IMG_20130425_162152This is the cone they sent Tobey home with. I didn’t realize that he had his paw stuck in it. Eventually, he laid down so I don’t think it was hurting him too much.



Tobey in his soft cone. The first picture reminds me of this. Poor guy didn’t know what to do.


We eventually got him to lay down in his bed and he started to relax.



Another picture of Tobey showing two of the incisions.


This last picture is the tee shirt I wore today as a sign of solidarity with my little guy. As I mentioned above, he is doing much better today and is back to barking at anything that moves and any dog that walks by.

If you have any comments about any of the pictures or want to wish Tobey a speedy recovery, feel free to drop a note in the comments section.