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Weimaraner Halloween Through the Years

Halloween is always a fun day for the pups…. mostly because they bark at anything that moves…. In an effort to make the dogs less threatening (and because ‘re crazy weimaraner owners), we dress them up in costumes and sit in the driveway to pass out candy. Below is a compilation of some of the costumes throughout the years.


 Tobey the Shark


Lili the Mermaid


Lili the BumbleBee


Tobey the Witch



Tobey the Panda


Lili the Peapod and Panda Tobey



Lili the Peapod and Panda Tobey

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Rinse…. Lather…. Repeat

The dogs have struck again. I have two new brands of spackle I’m going to try. One from the Home Depot and one from Amazon. I may also be applying bitter apple before and after I paint. Oy.


Fool me 1 through 6 times, shame on you…. Fool me 7 or above…. shame on me

One of the things I like about home ownership is making improvements. Since I’ve owned my house, I’ve tiled bathrooms, replaced fireplaces and updated fixtures. Most recently, I was fixing some blemishes in the kitchen by spackling one of the walls….

Unfortunately, the pups took an immense interest in the project. I don’t know what it is, but Tobey (the gray weimaraner) loves the taste of dried spackle… and Lillian (the blue weimaraner) loves the taste of drying spackle…. which made a simple project, turn nearly impossible. Below is a timeline in pictures of the never-ending project….

The first photo is the day of the first spackling. The dogs made the hole probably 3-4 times bigger than the original part I was fixing. No big deal I thought…. I’ll patch it and put a rag over it while it dries and block it with the vacuum so the pups can’t get to it…. that has to work…..



Only…. it didn’t.



The next thought was to patch the wall and barricade the entire corner off so there is no access…. The below picture showed how well that worked….



Somehow, the pups climbed on top of the barricade…. oy.

Eventually, the weekend came where the dogs would be supervised the entire weekend. I finally was able to to patch it properly and put two coats of paint on the wall…. which led to….



Perfection! The wall is back to acceptable. The paint is dry and there is no difference from this wall to every other wall in the house…. or so I thought… Below is what happened today while I was at work…



In all, the dogs have eaten the wall at least 5-6 times. I now have a rush order of bitter apple spray on order from Amazon…. hopefully… that’ll stop the madness…. In the meantime, the inmates continue to run the asylum.

If you’ve ever had experience with dogs eating things or want to laugh at my misfortune… feel free to drop a note below.

Quick Post on the 5K for K9’s

My weimaraner Lillian and I participated in the 5K for K9’s last Saturday at Alum Creek state park that benefited Friends of the Shelter. We had a great time and Lillian finished 3rd and received her first medal.

The course was a trail course and wasn’t a full 5 kilometers. It also wasn’t marked very well so it was hard to figure out where to go. My GPS watch had the course at 2.76 miles and Lil and I finished in 22 minutes and 58 seconds. Hopefully next year they’ll have the course marked better or have volunteers at the various turns.

Below are some pictures from the event.


 Mark & Lil near the finish


Lili was not amused by her 3rd place finish.


Afterwards, Friends of the Shelter sent out a nice email.

Despite the course issues, we had a great time and this is definitely a race we’ll participate in again next year (provided it’s on a Buckeye off week).

2014 Dog Jog and Why It Matters to Me

Before the post begins (or after you read it), if you would like to donate to my 2014 CHA Fundraising, please click this link.


My first Citizens for Humane Action Dog Jog was in August 2008. It’s something I’ll never forget. The day before the race, my divorce became final, then, in a horrible twist of fate…. my grandfather passed away a few hours later. It was, without question, one of the worst days of my life.

I had signed up for the Dog Jog a few weeks prior because I wanted something to look forward to and thought this would be a good distraction.

When I arrived at the race, I found my good friend, Billy. It was great to have some support at the race. You can see from the picture how young and thin I was.


Tobey was so happy that day. And I felt great helping homeless animals. It was exactly what I needed. We ran 5k in 23 minutes and 34 seconds (7:30 average).


I’ve kept the Dog Jog on my  Calendar ever since. I even showed up with a severely sprained ankle one year. I didn’t run, but I was there. I’ve raised more than $3,400 since my first race.

I started bringing my Lillian and the woman who would become my wife. The event morphed into something I looked forward to every year. Something I could do to give back to the animals that can’t help themselves and something I could do with my best friend Tobey.

This year, Tobey is turning 9. It’s something that I’m having a hard time with. He’s started to slow down physically, which breaks my heart. It takes him longer to recover from runs, and he can’t go as fast as he could before. That’s why this year’s Dog Jog is so important to me.

There is a real chance this could be the last formal run we do together. We likely won’t beat our personal record (22:35 in 2009), but we will remain committed to the cause.

We’re going to show up and we’re going to have an amazing time helping other dogs. In the end, that’s what the CHA Dog Jog is all about.

I personally can’t wait.

If you’d like to contribute to my cause, you can do so here…. if you’d like to leave a note, please use the comment box below.